Genetic Disorder

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Band Name Nightmare (FRA)
Album Name Genetic Disorder
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 28 Oktober 2007
Produced by Fredrik Nordström
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Musik GenreHeavy Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen94


1. Nothing Left Behind 05:14
2. Battleground for Suicide 04:16
3. Queen of Love & Pain 03:46
4. Conspiracy 04:09
5. Leader of the Masquerade 04:21
6. Final Procession 05:01
7. The Dominion Gate (Part II) 06:20
8. The Winds of Sin 04:27
9. Forsaken Child 04:32
10. A Thrill of Death 04:57
11. Wicked White Demon 03:41
12. Dawn of Darkness 06:08
Total playing time 56:58

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Review @ Julien

18 Oktober 2007
These days, the tendency goes toward hardening the music. The new Nightmare’s opus is a perfect example of that. Indeed, the band tends to move closer to its Thrash influences, and, as a result, this album is simply thrasher than the previous ones. “The Dominion Gate” was already excellent; this new “Genetic Disorder” is simply even more excellent. Unless this impression is due to the fact I’m a big fan of Thrash. That’s possible.

Soon, one realizes the band isn’t joking. Even when listening closely, something is missing: of course, the keyboards have disappeared. Great!! Indeed, the band hardens its style and you’ll really hear it. Where symphonic bands go up one step, Nightmare goes straight to the superior speed. The superior speed yes, but compromises no. Nightmare’s sound is still recognizable, but simply thrasher. The riffs are indeed powerful as needed and also quite well placed and the solos are incisive as usual. No doubt, “Genetic Disorder” will bring noise at home. For sure, fans of the first hour will be pleased as well as metal-maniac listening by curiosity. This disc can please a large audience while not having sold its soul in the process. The positive point will be of course onstage where the galaxy of powerful titles will be more than efficient. The pogo is going to be terrific. The concert this coming Sunday 19th of November is going to leave a deep impression behind, you can thrust me on that.

What makes the brand of this band is of course the vocal signature of one of the best French singers of heavy metal, our own Dio, Jo Amore. Always to the top, his voice sounds both heavy and powerful and it’s a real pleasure listening to it. Raw, tuned and matchless, his performance is simply unique.

Recorded in Sweden, in the famous Fredman studio, the album sounds very Swedish. It is maybe even a little too much for my own taste. But this feeling is not only coming from the sound itself, some riffs also give the same impression. Nevertheless, at the end, one head-bangs so much that this detail is quickly forgotten. Alex told me it was his dream to record there, now his wish is accomplished.

A great Nightmare with guts. With titles more brutal than ever and so well-built for Live performances, the band is going to increase its authority one step further onto the French heavy scene and that’s great because our country needs more bands like that one, which can compete face to face with the Germans and co.

Hats off…

Translated by Heavyboy

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