Gaia II : la Voz Dormida

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Band Name Mägo De Oz
Album Name Gaia II : la Voz Dormida
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 13 Oktober 2005
Musik GenreFolk Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen65


 Volaverunt Opus 666
 La Voz Dormida
 Hazme Un Sitio Entre Tu Piel
 El Poema de la Lluvia Triste
 El Callejón del Infierno (Instrumental)
 El Paseo de los Tristes
 La Posada de los Muertos
 Desde Mi Cielo
 En Nombre de Dios (Rainbow Cover)

Total playing time: 56:33

 Íncubos y Súcubos (Instrumental)
 Diabulus in Musica
 Mañana Empieza Hoy (Ultravox Cover)
 El Príncipe de la Dulce Pena
 Hoy Toca Ser Feliz
 Creo (la Voz Dormida - Parte II)
 La Cantata del Diablo (M.M.D.)

Total playing time: 52:19

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Mägo De Oz

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Review @ MetalMephisto

18 März 2010
This album, for me, is the best I have ever listen to.

I know many people like to refer to Finisterra as the best album of Mago, but I think this one is best for some reasons.

After Gaia the most of the fans went really disappointed for the hard change in the sound of the band. However, I really don't think Gaia was the "death" of Mago besides many people do. What I think Gaia was, is that was the first album when Mago de Oz finally determined its music style.

Now, I also think Finisterra is very good, if Gaia II didn't exist it would be the best. Finisterra could be possibly the hardest material of the band conjugated with a very well designed folk style, in fact, this is maybe is the closest that Mago has reached to the folk metal.

Gaia, in the other hand, is the commercial part of Mago de Oz, the tempos are arguably slowed and metal part of the music is hidden behind the hardly commercial instrumental charge. Although all this, the guitar solos are more complicated as well as the songs are, and the metal parts are better exposed, what makes this album the most "mature" of all the discography of the band, until that time of course.

Going back to Gaia II album, I think this one is the perfect combination between the mentioned above. Only listening the intro Volaverunt Op. 666 is enough to understand what I am saying. The slow beginning followed by the continuous change of rhythm in a total dark atmosphere, calls back Finisterra or Jesus de Chamberi album, but it remains in the instrumental richness of Gaia. The way with which La voz dormida crashes the silence left behind by Volaverunt is just a complete "deja vu" of Satania and the rest of the songs keep the same style always mixing the heavy power of Finisterra with the instrumental richness of Gaia.

The 21 minutes long La Cantata del Diablo is like the song Finisterra but a little more entertaining, La Posada de los Muertos is the Fiesta Pagana successor and songs like Diabulus in Musica, En nombre de Dios, Aquelarre and El Principe de la Dulce Pena just put the unmistakable sign of a new Mago de Oz album.

Finally such a song like Desde mi Cielo will be in the memory of who listens to it forever and Hoy Toca Ser Feliz and Manana empieza hoy denote the commercial effort of Mago and enormous variety of styles which Mago posses.

Of course all the contribution of Jorge Salan to the album is extraordinary and the participation of Kiskilla with the keyboards is at other level.

You could say what you think but my opinion is done.

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