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Band Name Endstille
Album Name Frühlingserwachen
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 19 Mai 2003
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen94


 Ripping Angelflesh
 With the Fog They Come
 Biblist Burner
 World Free of Christ

Total playing time: 34:45

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Kommentar @ winterdemon

01 April 2012

A fantastic album

At first this sure one of the best german black metal albums of all time. It has many good songs. The title song for "Frühlingserwachen" is very cool and smart. But what do they mean with "Frühlingserwachen"? I don't know it. But I think it has something to do with the capitulation of the third reich for which of course was signed in May the Frühlingserwachen. The album has eight songs and each of it is special.

The first song "Frühlingserwachen" with that strange intro fits perfect to whole album and the monotonous sound of the song gives you a feeling of anger and misery and at same time it blows youre mind away. The voice of singer from endstille 'Iblis' sound really like a artillery because at the front cover is a big german artillery fires on the enemy's front lines. I love when he sings this is "Endstilles Reich".

The Second song "Ripping Angelflesh" sounds for me little bit like a real hard thrash metal song or like a true norwegian 'Darkthrone' song from the album 'Panzerfaust' because, some songs from 'Panzerfaust' sound like "Ripping Angelflesh". This song is really special because 'Endstille' do not have very much songs the sound like Thrash Metal. The lyrics from "Ripping Angelflesh" are very raw and blasphemous and this is one of things what makes the song so special.

The booklet of Endstille's album "Frühlingserwachen" are very plain and simple there is one page that you can open and at one side you see the lyrics from three of eight songs and in the backround of the lyrics you see an old photo of Berlin and a big church with a graveyard and at the other side you see some photos of the band.

The fifth song on the album is called "1914". I don't know why but I think that 1914 begann the first world war and it is a pity that to this fifth song are no lyrics in the booklet. "1914" is sure one of those songs, those Iblis has written and I did heard that he doesn't wants that his lyrics everyone reads. so the music itself by this song sound reaLly like a march song to first world war.

The next song that I present is "Biblist Burner" it is the sixth on "Frühlingserwachen" and is another blasphemous song. "Biblist Burner" is a very aggressive and depressive song that makes you aggressive against all and everything around you. I love when he angry screams fuck god. I would say that this song one the highlights on this album.

And at last I would say this really one of the best albums from 'Endstille' and everyone who is a fan from Endstille or a fan from the German Black Metal scene should know this album and by the way it is a good production that 'Endstille' have and everyone does his job very good on "Frühlingserwachen".

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miniradman - 14 Mai 2012: Hell yeah! Endstile is one of my favourite bands... this album is kickass
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