For the Love of Art and the Making

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Band Name Beyond Twilight
Album Name For the Love of Art and the Making
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 21 April 2006
Produced by Tommy Hansen
Musik GenreProgressive Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen94


1. In the Eyes of My Soul (First Movement) 00:47
2. Creep Evil 00:59
3. Sleeping Beauty / The Journey 01:29
4. Purity 01:48
5. Sleeping Beauty / Connected 01:28
6. Tongue Angel 01:22
7. I Moved 01:27
8. Blackened in My Eyes 02:14
9. Temptations 00:19
10. Fiery Woman 00:38
11. Sweet Irony 00:22
12. Conversation of the Dead 00:16
13. The Perfect Heart 00:58
14. The Perfect Heart Part II / Think 00:37
15. The Key / Imagine 00:09
16. The Perfect Heart Part III (Modulated Instrumental) 00:27
17. The Black Widow 00:28
18. The Key Part II / Naked Truth 00:09
19. The Kiss of the Wind 00:18
20. Dark Wild Rage 02:41
21. Temptations Part II / Return (Modulated) 00:12
22. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 01:18
23. Cold As Blue 00:33
24. The Awakening 00:21
25. Cold As Blue / Like a Candle You Start to Drip 00:24
26. Bilingues Cavendi. One Should Beware of the Double-Tongued 00:09
27. The Awakening Part II / The Smile 00:19
28. The Awakening Part III / Opening the Curtains to a Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching the Singing Birds 00:21
29. In the Eyes of My Soul (First Movement Modulated with Irony) 00:20
30. Past the Magic 01:13
31. Past the Magic Poet II (Rhythmic Laughter) 01:12
32. Nightwandering on Needles 00:21
33. In the Eyes of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated with Irony) 00:18
34. In the Eyes of My Soul (Second Movement) 01:04
35. 6 Seconds Past 6 01:20
36. Organ Scientistic Formula (1) 03:00
37. Nightwandering in Needles Part II / The Answer 00:24
38. 6 Black Roses / Ship of Rowing Slaves 01:06
39. Autumn Fog Message 01:34
40. Sleeping Beauty Returns / The Black Box of Reverse (Forward) 00:22
41. The Black Box of Reverse 01:10
42. In the Eyes of My Soul (Third Movement) 00:32
43. In the Eyes of My Soul / For the Love of Art and the Making (Finale) 01:21
Total playing time 37:52

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Review @ sylvia

05 Mai 2006
Beyond Twilight has broken all boundaries in progressive metal with their third album release For the Love of Art and the Making. Let me start out by saying this album is absolutely a unique masterpiece but it is so much more than that. The album is shocking. Genious composer Finn Zierler is revealing a shining musical pearl. The first album The Devil's Hall of Fame was a masterpiece and very promising album for the future. Waiting 4 years to the next release Section X was well worth it the album is to me one of the best progressive albums ever. I did not in imagine how this album could ever be topped. But the new album has surpassed it. Surprising is one of the brands of Beyond Twilight and surprise they did with releasing a new album only a year after Section X. Falling in to the magic of this album takes you on a long journey of musical brilliancy. It is the purest art. Full of changing emotions, arrangements and structures. What composer and keyboardplayer no 1. in metal Finn Zierler in my opinion has created here is stunning. Very complicated music, but with outstanding songwriting, many surprising pieces and turns and great technical elements and performances from all of the band on the entire album. Really great musicianship. The compositions are huge and original. The lyrical concept is haunting, refreshing and very clever. It is one long track but devided into sections. The album contains 43 sections which you can shuffle on your cdplayer - another originality. But to me the album works the best by listening to it from the start to the end. This album is none comparable to any other in the progressive genre. There are big epic passages, heavy moments, grinding guitars, fast solos, slow and beautiful leads, compositions of classical instruments. There are pieces with atmospheric almost insane keyboards. Slow passages, fast passages, wailing vocals, big choirs, theatrical parts, laughing parts, operatic parts, symphonic parts, breaks in many different refreshing ways, all the pieces with a purpose and a meaning. The pianoplaying is a chapter on its own it is simply mindblowing. The album is addictive, it is full of surprises, it is amazing. The production powerful, it is hammering and in your face.

Finally I have to say that this album is for me the absolute candidate for the best album in 2006. I recommend it to anyone with a taste for art and music.

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