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Band Name Saidian
Album Name Evercircle
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 02 Juni 2009
Musik GenreMelodic Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen19


 Out of the Shadows
 Solomon's Dance
 Once in My Dreams
 Pale Moon Rider
 Stroke of Genius
 Moonlight's Calling
 Sign in the Sky
 The Princess
 Halos for Everyone

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Review @ Kerbinator

17 November 2009
German melodic metal band Saidian was founded in 2004 and released this 3rd album now in 2009.
Who is the naked angel in the mystic circle on the frontcover? Maybe we find out if we go now deeper into Evercircle. „Out of the shadows“ opens with a fast keyboard intermezzo until guitars and vocals set in. Oh...the vocals of Markus Engelmann are very near to Tobias Sammet from Edguy. Also the refrain remembers to Edguy. A good refrain to remember and sing with. Some keyboard interruptions are more in early Domain style than in the style like it is played by many other power metal bands. „Tokyo“ starts again with keys old style. Melodic, semi-ballad vocals leading this song. Latest in the refrain you know that this song is a cover of the early 80's band called Tokyo (later Craaft). Really a good version of that classic. Powerful guitarsolo of Rodrige completes this excellent hit remake in alliance with sensitive key background. Seems that Saidian have a faible for beginning songs with keys. So does the next song „Solomon's Dance“. This one goes more in epic grounds. Lots of harmonies, progressive elements. Mystical stuff. The best song so far. Ok..the refrain is coming too often. Here there could be more other progressive breaks included. But, this is a great power metal song with epic vibes. Well done. Time for a ballad now. „Once in my dreams“ is a piano song where more instruments appear as longer the song lasts. Double layed vocals in the refrain, a piano intermezzo in the middle and suddenly the song changes to a speedy multi-instumentationed ProgMetal-track. Wonderful guitar solo shows the quality of Rodrige and Engel shows his highest vocals. So this is partly a ballad, partly a ProgMetal song ending with silent vocals and piano. Is this what it seems? The naked angel in our dreams? Who knows. „Pale Moon Rider“ starts like a song from the canadian Progsters Saga and continues in Edguy-fields again. Here we can find out that Saidian has definetely their strength in the refrains. They are always arranged well and also the guitar play of Rodrige has a really unique touch. In „Stroke of genius“ the guitars are layed deeper. Awesome refrain like ever. I hear some vibes of Savatage in this song. The guitar solo changes into a key solo and the vocals become to a choir. At the end of the song we learn that Engel is also good in screaming. Piano intro again in „Moonlight's calling“. This is the 8 minute long track of the album. Remembers me to the italian Labyrinth. Keys are dominating in this fast played track. This song is like an adventure. Lots of facettes to explore. And Malmsteen is doin a solo...No ! This is Rodrige...and Markus Bohr – the keyboard wizard – is creating scenes of epic playgrounds. A monument of sound ending in a hymn. NextSign in the sky“. Starts with....GUITARS! Yeah. A rock'n roller? Not really..classical keys bringing the song back to the trademarks. One of the faster tracks of Evercircle. Straight forward with some small key breaks.
„The Princess“ is pure ear candy. This song is happy. Did we find the naked Angel now? Could be.
This song is a complete refrain. On stage the audience is not listening, the audience is singing.
Maybe this will be the bands most popular live song in the future. In the end we have „Halos for everyone“. The band shows again what excellent musicians they are. More guitar orientated and another hymn as well. Bells are ringing. Tell you the begin of a little weird end.
Ok. Saidian have their influences in bands like Edguy, Labyrinth and some kind of ProgMetal bands. But the album is excellent played and it has some parts that I didn't hear since the 80's outputs of the german Melodic Band Domain. If the band continues to find their own style more we will hear from them a lot in the future. I like it.

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