End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)

Liste der Bands Industrial Electro Celldweller End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)
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Band Name Celldweller
Album Name End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum November 2014
Labels Fixt Music
Produced by Klayton Klayton
Musik GenreIndustrial Electro
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen3


1. Faction 04
2. Down to Earth
3. Heart on
4. Faction 05
5. Faction 06
6. Down to Earth (Klayton Remix)
7. Heart on (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
8. Down to Earth (KATFYR Remix)
9. Heart on (SeamlessR Remix)
10. Heart on (Mr. Faux Remix)
11. Heart on (Clean)
12. Faction 04 (instrumental)
13. Down to Earth (Instrumental)
14. Heart on (Instrumental)
15. Faction 06 (Instrumental)
16. Down to Earth (Klayton Remix) (Instrumental)
17. Heart on (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) (Instrumental)
18. Down to Earth (KATFYR Remix) (Instrumental)
19. Heart on (SeamlessR Remix) (Instrumental)
20. Heart on (Mr. Faux Remix) (Instrumental)

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