Disembody: The New Flesh

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Band Name Skinlab
Album Name Disembody: The New Flesh
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 23 Februar 1999
Labels Century Media
Produced by Andy Sneap
Musik GenreThrash Heavy
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen43


 So Far from the Truth
 Know Your Enemies
 No Sympathy (for the Devil)
 I Name My Pain
 Second Skin: New Flesh
 Looks Can Be Deceiving

Total playing time: 42:11

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Kommentar @ iansiz

26 Dezember 2006
This album i believe launched skinlab much further because its complulsive tracks that are just so destructive that its just classic skilab at its best.

But with tracks like Know Your Enemies , Coward , I Name My Pain , No Sympathy(For The Devil)and Scapegoat it is clearly known why this is cuch an awesome album. The rythms are just indulging to the listener and real inspiration is felt from their songs.

The arranging of the tracks adds to the greatness by getting you into the album then feeding you the best tracks but at the same time doesnt discourage the other tracks as the best tracks revolve around them.

I discovered skinlab by hearing this album and instantly loved Scapegoat and I Name My Pain because of their sadistic tune and felt that I got to see what else they have got, though nothing has beaten those tracks, their other songs are deserving of being heard because all fans have their opinions on a bands best songs.

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