Diabolical Summoning

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Band Name Sinister (NL)
Album Name Diabolical Summoning
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 30 August 1993
Labels Nuclear Blast
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen183


Re-Issue in 2009 by Metal Mind Productions
 Sadistic Intent
 Magnified Wrath
 Diabolical Summoning
 Sense of Demise
 Desecrated Flesh
 Tribes of the Moon
 Mystical Illusions

Total playing time: 33:15

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Sinister (NL)

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Review @ KaosKeraunos

19 April 2010
When you look at the album cover, does it look like some plastic post '94 'Black Metal' album? Or a liberal vegan crust punk cover? No, it doesn't, discerning reader, because everything about it just says 'solid Death Metal, how about a Heineken?'

Give this Dutch piece of death-slab a spin, and you'll most probably think it's the cutting edge of present day death metal with Erik Rutan pulling the puppet strings. Not so!

What makes this chunk of Saxon slashery so good is that it's an entertaining album. Here's a nice metaphor:
Death Metal is like a zoo. You walk from Morbid Angel's display of ghouls crushing holy priests and plastic souls rolling in the Absu, to Deicide wacking Jesus on the soles of his feet with bamboo poles, and you look for acrobatics. You look for those Trey solos, you look for Inferno's sticksmanship; you can't just have a continuum of riffs and what comes with them.

Sinister do this well: they blast, they writhe and drink from all sorts of unholy chalices, and with a pinched harmonic they dive straight into breakdowns with some impossible time signature. The breakdowns aren't anything Job For a Cowboy-ish, by the way, they're legit.

Worth a listen and a place in your evil, steel heart!

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