Circle the Wagons

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Band Name Darkthrone
Album Name Circle the Wagons
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 05 April 2010
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen210


 Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
 Running for Borders
 I Am the Graves of the 80s
 Stylized Corpse
 Circle the Wagons
 Black Mountain Totem
 I Am the Working Class
 Eyes Burst at Dawn
 Bränn Inte Slottet

Total playing time: 41:01

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Review @ Polonium

02 Oktober 2010
Well, it seems like the Norwegian Black Metal bands have nothing more to say, and I mean the same bands that we, for once, called "Legends, True Warriors, Pioneers…" and for those who know or have read the history of black metal, must have seen the name Darkthrone many times.

Since their first days and forth, Darkthrone have declared themselves as a Black Metal band, and whether satanic or not, we all know what Black Metal is, and I expected something huge from a Black Metal "Giant" like Darkthrone, I expected something Black Metal and I was extremely disappointed throughout their most recent release of the year 2010: Circle the Wagons.

The album title is a bit confusing, I mean, having the idea of Darkthrone in the mind and seeing this title is in the least something unpleasant, but as we all know, the title never tells the whole story, so I got the album, and I put the CD into the player… Guys, as the first two minutes of the first track elapsed I was rechecking for everything expecting that I got the a different album for a different band, but everything was right, I mean, what I got in my CD player was the 2010 album for the Norwegian Black Metal band Darkthrone.

First of all, the sound quality of this release is not acceptable for a band that has been active for nearly quarter a century, I mean, can't they sign with a professional records label?

Second of all, musically, the album is far away from being a Black Metal album, the guitar riffs are the same being used in Thrash Metal, there are some guitar solos that are unworthy of being mentioned actually, and for the drums… My god, there's absolutely nothing good or unique or whatever to mention when we talk about drums, and here again, I'm not talking about a specific track, but unfortunately about the whole album, from the first track till the very end of the last one.

Some might say, well, Black Metal is originated from Thrash Metal, and I say that's absolutely right, no question about that, but this album would be acceptable in the 80s, when there wasn't a clear definition of Black Metal, but now, after releasing thousands of great Black Metal albums in the 90s and the first decade of the 21st century it is definitely not acceptable to release such an album to be categorized under the genre Black Metal.

For the vocals, they are really funny, I don't know if those guys are really serious, and really expecting people to be convinced that those vocals are good for a Black Metal release.

The title and the lyrics are not better than the whole thing, I mean "I am the Working Class"?? What the hell is that? Is it really a title for a Black Metal song?

Finally, for the cover art, it's a bit better than everything else, but I don't think it would make any difference now, even if it's as valuable as the Mona Liza, but always to be truthful, the cover art is good.

In the end, a last word for the die-hard fans of Darkthrone, all I did was a criticism on the light of the concept of Black Metal, no offence guys, but I'm also longing to hear something good.

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ChristopherJRM - 03 Oktober 2010: Well I don't think that Darkthrone had the intention to make a straight Black Metal album you know, I think they're more concentrated in playing their own unique style, some sort of Black/Punk/Thrash/Rock/Crust or something.
Also, you shouldn't be that surprised when listening to the album unless you didn't hear the previous ones, since they have been progressively changing the style, so this wasn't all of a sudden.
I, personally, liked it.

Thanks for the review anyway, stay cool.
ansom666 - 27 Oktober 2010: The problem is that Darkthrone are some of the FEW true Black Metallers left today. They couldn't stand the fact Black Metal was made mainstream. They were offered an award for Sardonic Wrath and said no (Fenriz noted they do not wanna be in the glittery side of showbiz). They hated they [posers, so they made what essential real Black Metal should be, hated by the mass majority in addition a tribute to the old bands that inspired them. They will ALWAYS be true and great.
BlazingNebula - 10 November 2011: You moan about Darkthrone not beeing Black Metal anymore, but at the same time, the sound quality is unacceptable. If you're really into the old stuff, why do you even complain about a bad sound?
Also, the drums are the least important in Black Metal, there shouldn't be anything "original" about them in the first place

It seems like you don't know much about the band either. They've changed their style to Crust Punk more than 4 years before the release of "Circle the Wagons", why are you so surprised then?
You say that they should follow the 90's Black Metal recipe, that so many bands have used now, to sound like a proper Black Metal band.
That's actually what lead them to this new style. It's not the first time they're doing this. Until 90/91 they were a Death Metal band and then they changed their style to Black Metal. They weren't Black Metal from the start.

Hail Darkthrone!
Crinn - 15 Mai 2012: It's retarded black metal ELITISTS like YOU that provide the entertainment for us black metal SUPREMISTS xD
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