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Band Name Children Of Bodom
Album Name Blooddrunk
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 14 April 2008
Recorded at Finnvox Studios
Musik GenreBlack Heavy
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen826


 Hellhounds on My Trail
 One Day You Will Cry
 Smile Pretty for the Devil
 Tie My Rope
 Done with Everything, Die for Nothing
 Banned from Heaven
 Roadkill Morning

 Ghostriders in the Sky (Stan Jones Cover)

Total playing time: 36:46

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Review @ Vinrock666

19 Mai 2009
Children of Bodom's 2008 LP "Blooddrunk" is a clinic on sustaining heavy metal integrity while extensively using keyboards on all of their songs. To start, the trunk-like base of a rhythm section is the number one reason why "Blooddrunk" stays constantly heavy. Driving rhythms, pounding double bass beats, and strong death tones keep all else that is higher, faster, and melodic deeply rooted. The extreme vocals and gang vocal chorus lines add even more weight to the overall heaviness. From there, the precise execution of their highly structured and multilayered rhythm parts makes for a higher appreciation of their songwriting. "Done With Everything, Die For Nothing" illustrates perfectly Children of Bodom's inclusion of everything within a straghtforward boundary line defined in their writing style. Better yet, the styles of the rhythm lines have expanded to include thrash and speed as well as their patented hues of black and death. "Tie My Rope" has a great thrash lick in it while "Hellhounds on My Trail" could be classified as speed. To be fair, all of the tracks are in allegro with "Banned From Heaven" perhaps being the only slow exception, although it is still quite heavy with a great solo. Children of Bodom's strength is in their balance and as brutal as they are when it comes to their cadence and rhythm, the keyboards and lead guitar work compliment those parts perfectly. The crystalline key tones are used everywhere, sometimes as introductions, other times as a wash, but mostly as a second solo, like in "Roadkill Morning" and "Lobodomy". Other times it's used as a twin harmony lead like from " Banned From Heaven", "One Day You Will Cry", and "Smile Pretty for the Devil". C.O.B. sense of melody and harmony shines brightest during those scaling lead lines and solos. Light side light paired with heavy side heavy forms a perfect dichotomy of sound, while the versatility of the keyboard adds spice and flavor without diluting the potency of thier metallic brew. Children of Bodom's "Blooddrunk" therefore is a multi-dimensional success of extreme metal.

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ryan5 - 17 Februar 2011: Why only 14/20? It's a Damn good album.
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Kommentar @ Icegoth

03 August 2008
If death was immortal, then life would not exist.

Children of Bodom release their next album with absolute throttle, full of melodic tunes, spiced with the Death growls and mastermind plucking from Alexi Laiho.

"Hellhounds on My Trail" starts the album off with fireworks, giving it that absolute yet highly driven force of which takes the listener through the electricity of Children of Bodom, which fortunately is channeled through Finland's growing metal scene.
If you thought you have headbanged to some of the greatest bands of all time, your mistaken ! Children of Bodom have certainly made the icy blue light shine on them, enough for Spinefarm Records to release another spinesnapping, braincrunching rollercoaster.

This album certainly needs to be certified platinum as the legacy of Children of Bodom continues !!!!

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