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Band Name Amaranthe
Album Name Amaranthe
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 13 April 2011
Produced by
Musik GenreModern Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen169


1. Leave Everything Behind 03:16
2. Hunger 03:11
3. 1.000.000 Lightyears 03:14
4. Automatic 03:24
5. My Transition 03:47
6. Amaranthine 03:28
7. Rain 03:42
8. Call out My Name 03:15
9. Enter the Maze 04:03
10. Director's Cut 04:47
11. Act of Desperation 03:02
12. Serendipity 03:25
Bonustracks (Japanese version)
13. Breaking Point
14. A Splinter in My Soul
Bonus DVD (Limited Edition)
1. Hunger (Video)
2. Amaranthine (Video)
3. Behind the Scenes - The Making of Hunger
4. 2011 European Tour Documentary
5. Album Recording Studio Diaries
Total playing time 42:34

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Review @ darknessguide

06 April 2011

Brilliantly played cards for the most promising newcomer band nowadays!

Each band has its story and we have witnessed many breakthroughs as fans of this music - from clear, level-headed strives aimed directly for the top, to careers that almost started as jokes under good circumstances. Amaranthe's own story is not so different - on the contrary, it even shares a lot of both, starting with an accidental leak on the Net - five songs recorded in 'home studio' conditions in low bitrate quality and fairly rough sound, recorded as if on a whim; five unpolished diamonds that got the attention of everyone who discovered them in record-breaking time. Right then and there it became clear that ex-Avalanche is preparing to release a debut album designed with only one goal - to conquer the listeners with the wild power of a shock wave, set loose by the composer Olof Mörck - a name that should be well-known to everyone familiar with Dragonland and Nightrage, testimony of first-class musician skills. In due time those very same five songs got noticed by Spinefarm Records with their unmistakable sense of successful music and Amaranthe quickly became one of their latest and most precious catalogue additions.

Admittedly, the band didn't delay its self-titled debut. All promises for a dangerous mix of metal and commercial music got fulfilled thanks to 12 tracks, each of which has a fairly good chance to take possession of the mind completely. Therein lays Olof's main trump-card - the ability to write short, easy to remember hits, crowned with marvelous combinations between three singers - a formula that can raise Amaranthe's debut times over each inceptive record you've ever heard. The core of the vocal trio is forged out by the harsh growls of Andy Solveström (Within Y), the clean voice of Jake E Berg (Dream Evil, Dreamland) and the charming Elize Ryd who some of you may remember as a fugitive backing vocalist in Falconer and Dragonland, while others already had the chance to meet as part of Kamelot's actual tour where she sings along with talents as Simone Simons (Epica) and Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire). Having three lead singers on one record is something unheard of, but fear not: they sound as if they've worked together for a long time. In addition to that, the bass player Johan Andreassen (?ngel) and the rhythmic sections of Morten Sørensen (Mercenary) give the final touch to the first of hopefully many upcoming captivating albums in Amaranthe's discography.

Soilwork-inspired guitar basis, high-speed shifts between melodeath, power metal and pop music, pleasant keys and alternating vocal challenges take over each of the 12 mini-hits from the tracklist. The well-known “Leave Everything Behind”, “Enter the Maze”, “Act of Desperation” and “Director's Cut” are back with clean productions and new looks from top to bottom while the Adrenaline charge of the first single “Hunger” can make all fans lose themselves in the vast universe that opens to them ever since the first tunes of the album. The musicians don't spare anything and always give their best to deliver experimental diversity even in such short tracks while the stars on the horizon continue to shine ever brighter - from the supernova “1.000.000 Lightyears” and the magnetism of “Automatic”, through the gentle ballad “Amaranthine” to the party power/disco jewel “Call Out My Name” and the closing theme “Serendipity”, the debut offers music for the taste of everyone who's more or less open towards a new, ambitious and modern sound.

Amaranthe's first shot hits a direct bull's eye and after numerous spins it still sounds as fresh and impressive as it was back when you first got the chance to hear it. After a short while, the addiction to the sound of the Swedish opus is guaranteed along with the fact that it just cannot get more dynamic and enjoyable. Brilliantly played cards for the most promising newcomer band nowadays! As for us fans, we can only thank them for the music and anxiously keep an eye on their future artistic development.

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Katanako - 19 Mai 2011: I don't mind the mix of styles. Shows a great sense of versatility, which I prefer over listening to same recycled crap that is getting spewed forth these days.

Good début album.
metaliron - 20 Mai 2011: Une superbe découverte que ce nouveau groupe de death mélodique suédois. Beaucoup de promesses avec ce tout 1er album, et l'association est cohérente tant au niveau des voix (Elize est formidable,ainsi que Andy et Jake E), que de la musique.
wishboy - 23 Mai 2011: Une découverte phénoménale! Merci pour cette chronique.
cilou013 - 24 September 2011: Des refrains entêtants,un bon petit rythme, mélange de voix: parfait pour se réveiller dans le bus!
Merci pour la chronique
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Kommentar @ Satanicarchangel

20 November 2013

Excuse Me Waiter, There's Pop In My Metal

To those who are calling this metalcore stop it right now. Metalcore is a fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk, its most certainly not heavy pop songs which the majority of people seem to believe nowadays. If you want real metalcore listen to Botch, Converge or The Dillinger Escape Plan, metalcore most certainly isn't Amaranthe. So what Amaranthe is, is an absolutely nauseating fusion of power metal, electronic, a little bit of melodic death metal and *shudder* pop music. I don’t know why these genres were attempted to be put together, but what I do know is that the end result leaves a lot to be desired.

Amaranthe seem to be getting a lot of recognition within metal circles and I struggle to see why. I certainly can’t see the average Slayer fan liking this, and I’m also struggling to see how most fans of metal could possibly like this seen as though Amaranthe do away with a lot of what makes metal such an endearing genre. There’s no power behind the music here, the music seems designed to be as catchy and radio friendly as possible, even the occasional use of harsh vocals doesn't stop this from being ridiculously accessible. Yet even so, many people seem to like this and I’m really struggling to see why. The music, despite all its flare and style is incredibly dull and monotonous. I don’t like the electronic elements, they’re awkward and disjointed. I don’t like the vocals, Jake sounds too much like a pop punk singer, and Elize is just really bland. All the songs really far too much on the verse-chorus format and ultimately the album becomes painfully predictable and repetitive. The use of harsh vocals seems more like an afterthought rather than a well thought out decision. They’re not used well at all and contrast painfully with the equally nauseating clean vocals.

I also hate the production; the guitar tone is far too weak for its own good. There’s no power behind it, no bite, it wouldn't be out of place on an album by The Jonas Brothers, and this band markets itself as legitimate heavy metal! Vocals are far too loud in the mix, making me unfortunate enough to sit through every nauseating word the three vocalists spit out. The harsh vocals whilst being passable adds nothing to the music of Amaranthe and might as well not even be there in the first place.

The sound of Amaranthe is just very annoying. Every song is designed to be as catchy and radio friendly as possible and therefore the song writing takes a back seat. There’s the odd solo now and again but nothing enough to write home about. But really it’s the vocals that drive me insane the most, god damn it I absolutely cannot stand the clean vocals. They’re far too poppy for their own good, there’s no power, no emotion and it’s similar, almost identical to something you’d find in generic pop music.

Really, there’s absolutely no reason to listen to this tRain wreck of an album. None of the ideas are good enough, music is bland and forgettable, and I really can’t stress this enough; the vocals are horrific. This album is an insult to everything metal stands for and if you have any self-respect you’d avoid this like the plague.

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