All Shall Fall

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Band Name Immortal
Album Name All Shall Fall
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 25 September 2009
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Abyss Studio
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen700


 All Shall Fall
 The Rise of Darkness
 Hordes to War
 Norden on Fire
 Arctic Swarm
 Mount North
 Unearthly Kingdom

Total playing time: 40:10

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Review @ JoeNoctus

13 Oktober 2009
Here we are, guys. Immortal is back on the black metal scene after 7 years of absence. I've always had a respect for Immortal, they're easilly one of the biggest and best black metal bands out there, in terms of maintaining a high standard throughout their career, even if they were the culprits of all those awful black metal pictures and of those awful videos (Particularly "Call of the Wintermoon"), they maintained a high standard in black metal.

7 years later, we have All Shall Fall.

First thing that comes to mind is how bloody short it is. Little over 40 minutes. But then, we're in black metal, the realm where album lengths are relatively short on average. But they really should have made more to this album than 7 similarly lengthed tracks.

It's unfortunate that every song is the same story, too. It just seems so safe and ungroundbreaking that it just sounds like a complination of some of the old Immortal tracks done differently, theres nothing new. Sounds grow redundant, they really needed to make something totally new to the palette, but they didn't. They stuck to the safe option.

The musical quality is good, it's relatively well written with a polished production, but it isn't worth much when you have nothing new to contribute to the discography apart from the same old thing.

Immortal need to change, even if it is only a little bit. It just seems so safe that I can't really give it a great score. But that said, it's a good and solid black metal record, but it is unmemorable and doesn't offer anything new and unique that we havn't heard before. But to those who like Immortal with all their frostbitten heart, then I recommend you at least listen to it. You may enjoy it more than I did. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing new.

Bottom line: The same old redundant thing, incredibly safe. But done pretty well despite it. 14/20.

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Review @ Crinn

19 Dezember 2011

Immortal's best album

[Originally posted August 4, 2010]

After 7 years of waiting, Immortal finally releases their new album. When I noticed on the Nuclear Blast website that Immortal had released a new album, I bought it as soon as I could and laid down to listen to it. This is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had listening to music. Immortal has made an astonishing comeback. After the album was finished, I was so blown away I couldn’t sit up to restart the CD.

Immortal’s sound has changed dramatically. They’re not as driving, quick, or as aggressive as they used to be. They’ve slowed things down a bit, as well as being more melodic and complex in the song structures. This album reminds me of At the Heart of Winter, due to the melodic sound; the only difference is that All Shall Fall is a million times more creative. The quality is crystal clear, obviously because it was released under Nuclear Blast Records. The overall creativity and complexity of the album is nothing short of astonishing and mind blowing.

The first song of the album is the most recognizable. The title song is an amazing song that is filled with delicious guitar riffs and some if the fastest kick drumming I’ve ever heard. The Rise of Darkness I believe primarily focuses on drumming. Reidar really tries his best to put his drumming skills to the test. The one downside on that song is that the guitars are just a tad bit repetitive. Hordes to War is the fastest and heaviest song on the album. Norden on Fire is my favorite song on the album. The intro to the song is just flat out amazing. The way they blend perfectly from an ambient sounding guitar to a heavier, black metal is really something you don’t hear very often. Arctic Swarm is another heavier piece with its extreme tempos and aggressive guitar lines. Mont North is all about the snowy, icy landscape of northern Norway, and the music fits it perfectly. The beat, drumming, and guitar parts to Unearthly Kingdom are amazing; this is the perfect headbanging song. I would give this a perfect score. There is no stopping this band.

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InfinityZero - 29 Januar 2013: I find that you are very easily impressed by samesy bands. XD
I found this album to be really mundane and pedestrian compared to Immortal's other stuff, especially seeing as most of the songs sound quite similar to each other. Most Immortal albums are packed with more memorable tracks, I think.
Crinn - 30 Januar 2013: Two and a half years after writing that review, it's still my favorite Immortal album ;)
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