A Pungent and Sexual Miasma

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Band Name Cradle Of Filth
Album Name A Pungent and Sexual Miasma
Type Split
Erscheinungsdatum März 1992
Musik GenreGothic Black
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen19


1. So Violently Sick (from Demo 2)
2. Funereal (Live)
3. Dawn of Eternity (Massacre Cover)
4. Circle of Perversion (from Demo 1)
5. Chewing on Your Guts (Live)
6. Loathsome Fucking Christ (Live)
7. Darkly Erotic (from Demo 2)
8. This Fetid Dank Oasis (Live)
9. Our Father Which Art in Earth (from Demo 2)
10. Mould of an Industrial Horizon
11. Infestation
12. Waste
13. Longterm Result
14. System Fear
15. Sick New Facts
16. Murdered from Within

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Cradle Of Filth

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