A New Disease Is Born

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Band Name Nightrage
Album Name A New Disease Is Born
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Februar 2007
Musik GenreMelodic Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen71


1. Spiral 04:39
2. Reconcile 04:25
3. Death-Like Silence 04:36
4. A Condemned Club 03:45
5. Scars 03:39
6. De-Fame 02:52
7. Scathing 04:36
8. Surge of Pity 04:12
9. Encircle 03:34
10. Drone 03:23
11. Spiritual Impulse 03:33
12. A New Disease Is Born (Instrumental) 02:58
Total playing time 46:12

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Kommentar @ hack

02 Oktober 2009
This is the 3rd album from this Swedish quintet. Marios Iliopolus came to Sweden from Greece and started this melodic death metal band. The main reason for so many line up changes in the past was that most of the members were unwilling to follow the bands tour schedule because they had many side projects with other bands. They didn't want to work hard for Nightrage either. Marios took full responsibility for writing the music and lyrics on the previous albums. But this line up has a much better work ethic, so they wrote the songs together, as a team effort. It has a different sound that is more modern because of that. It took them over a year to write the songs for this album. Marios played the instrumental track, A New Disease Is Born, on his 12 string acoustic guitar. There is minimal distortion on this album, so that all of the instruments can be heard clearly. This album is brutal, melodic, and powerful. All of the tracks have very melodic hooks combined with aggressive riffing. The vocals seem to alternate between yelling and very beautiful alternative-pop style singing. The songs are very good. I've probably listened to this album 200 times. It's a good album to listen to in the morning, while you're getting ready for work. Similar bands are In Flames and At The Gates. My favorite song on this album is Death-Like Sentence.

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Sperma_frost - 10 März 2012: We find everything in this album: rage, power, melody... what a fucking great album! Thanx for your writing guy...
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