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Band Name Witchery (SWE)
Album Name Witchkrieg
Type Album
发布日期 21 六月 2010
音乐风格Thrash Metal


 Wearer of Wolf's Skin
 The God Who Fell from Earth
 Conqueror's Return
 The Reaver
 From Dead to Worse
 Devil Rides Out
 One Foot in the Grave
 Witch Hunter
 Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Total playing time: 36:21

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评阅 @ Demogorefest

04 九月 2010
After listening to the first 10 seconds of the title track, "Witchkrieg" i knew this album was going to be great. That opening riff just blew me away (not to mention that Kerry King does a guest solo in the song "Witchkrieg too), the entire album is unlike any kind of Thrash/Black Witchery sound i've ever heard, most Blackened Thrash bands don't value musical clarity very much, Witchery goes for the opposite of that approach, the sound of the album is crystal clear, i love everything about the production of it. Century Media may not have the most Underground and "Kvlt" stuff out there, but this release is nothing short of incredible, the first time i listened to the entire album i found myself giddy with excitement in parts of it.
Witchery is sometimes considered a super group because it has members from a myriad of differnet bands (and different genres too), most of the band was formed out of the ashes of Satanic Slaughter, while their Bass player used to play in Mercyful Fate, and their vocalist is Legion (ex-vocalist for Marduk, back when the band played brutally fast). Often times the connotation of a super group can be a bad thing for bands, however, in the case of the newest Witchery album; it's a great thing, every member in the band is extremely talented, and has their own musical background which is folded into Witchery's sound to create a band that sounds very unique and fresh.
I had heard of Witchery before, and the tracks i had heard off of "Don't Fear the Reaper" didn't really impress me too much, and i sort of shrugged the band off as another band that was "just ok" in my book. But upon listening to their newest album, i heard a very different sound, one that is slower, but more... how to put this... "refined" i guess would be the proper term. It's one of those albums for me that doesn't have a single track that i had to skip through, which is rare for me, usually there's at least 2 tracks that i have to skip. There are no boring ambient intro tracks, just pure blackened thrash metal from start to finish.
In short, Witchery has outdone themselves with this album. If you found yourself not impressed by their other releases, you still ought to give this album a listen to, it's nothing short of thrash metal perfection in my ears. Literally every track from "Witchkrieg" down to "Witch Hunter" is great. I can't really say that i have a favorite track on the album, but "Witchkrieg", "The God who fell from Earth", and "From Dead to Worse" are pretty damn awesome.

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psycho_metal - 04 九月 2010: Nice review.

This is definitely one of the best releases this year, it was one of my highlights. Witch Hunter rules

But, i don't think they are a super group. Patrik said on an interview that they had this project before they joined their actual bands.
darknessguide - 05 九月 2010: One hell of a great record. Thanks for the good insight!
Demogorefest - 06 九月 2010: wow, thanks for all the positive feedback guys, glad you all liked it