Welcome to Sky Valley

乐队列表 Stoner Kyuss Welcome to Sky Valley
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Band Name Kyuss
Album Name Welcome to Sky Valley
Type Album
发布日期 28 六月 1994
出版公司 Elektra Records


1. Gardenia
2. Asteroid
3. Supra Coopa and Mighty Scoop
4. 100 Degrees
5. Space Cadet
6. Demon Cleaner
7. Odyssey
8. Conan Troutman
9. N.O.
10. Whitewater

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10 三月 2008
This is maybe THE definitive stoner rock album. This North American band went for their 3rd album (not counting with "Sons of Kyuss", back then when the band was called "Sons of Kyuss") and hell, they went really strong.

Listening to "Welcome to Sky Valley" is a new experience in listening to metal, because this is an album that you can listen like metal but... somehow it's not metal at all. The riffs are so strong, like they were carved on the guitars, and yet, the band can build interludes that are long enough to make you think: no metal band would do this. But this is the question, although Kyuss has metal blood, their hearts... are made of stone! The vocals are really nice, a clean voice is heard all along, the songs are raw, it feels genuine, it feels live and alive. The singer yells just enough, doesn't get intrusive, and whoa... those guitars sometimes really grow up into your brains and you just can't stop banging your head... Don't drive while you listen to this too: it might be dangerous because it makes you want to speed up, along with those guitars and unstopping drums.

I was trying to find out my favorite tracks on this album, but there are so many that I can only mention my least favorite ones and even then... I like them all, so it's useless too.

Why do I like this album? For all of the above said, but also for the simplicity, for how much this is really cool and unpretentious, for all those yelling guitar solos and again... for being so raw and genuine. If you have a space in your musical tastes to rock bands, this is an album you really have to buy because it will surely make you bang your head!!

Rated: 19

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