Through Eyes of the Dead

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Band Name Necrophagia (USA-1)
Album Name Through Eyes of the Dead
Type Video
发布日期 1999
出版公司 Season Of Mist
Red Stream
音乐风格Death Metal


Reissue in DVD in 2001 by Season Of Mist with another cover and bonus
1. Through Eyes of the Dead (Uncut)
2. Bloodfreak
3. And You Will Live in Terror
4. Embalmed and Yet I Breathe
5. Burning Moon Sickness
6. Deep Inside I Plant the Devil's Seed
DVD Bonus
- Cannibal Holocaust (Videoclip)
- The Dwell Beneath (Videoclip)
- Rush, Rehersal...
- Manson Meditation Tape
- 3 Interviews (Killjoy + Groupe)