The Imaginary Direction of Time

乐队列表 Atmospheric Metal Winds (NOR) The Imaginary Direction of Time
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Band Name Winds (NOR)
Album Name The Imaginary Direction of Time
Type Album
发布日期 五月 2004
出版公司 The End Records
音乐风格Atmospheric Metal


1. What Is Beauty
2. Sounds Like Desolation
3. Theory of Relativity
4. Visions of Perfection
5. The Fireworks of Genesis
6. Under the Stars
7. A Moment for Reflection
8. Time Without End
9. The Final End
10. Beyond Fate
11. Silence in Despair
12. Infinity

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23 十二月 2005
WINDS, this is, in my opinion, the most interesting project between all those who were born in the course of this new millenium ; with two famous members on the norwegian scene, namely, JAN AXEL VON BLOMBERG (Hellhammer) and CARL AUGUST TIDEMANN known by his impressive participations in « Aspera Hiems Symfonia » and « La Masquerade Infernale », it’s to him that we owe the inspiring solos like « Fall of Men ».

Winds offered us a classical music played on violons, Piano and on the guitar without forgetting the electric Cello on the Apocalyptica’s way who gives a metal rhythm to the whole composition.

ANDY WINTER, the lead composer of the band (with AUGUST), is really a talented pianist, greatly influenced by the 19th century’s pianists like the great russian master RACHMANINOV (see the outro Predominance from the previous album which is a remake of Somewhere in Time from RACHMANINOV). ANDY, developped a quite technical performance with a requested melodies and an inspired touch of romanticism.
The Violons offered us a slow melodies and sometimes melancholic that are also inspired from the 19th century’s classical (particularly GRIEG). The mixture between the piano and the violons is perfect so and the cheery on the cake is certainly AUGUST’s guitar which is an essentiel element in the composition variety.

The guitar add a touch of hope to a romantic and melancholic composition. August is inspired by artists like MOZART and PAGANINI to give us melodious riffs enough fast in a cheerful and joyful atmosphere.

As for the solos, they’re sometimes neo classical so close to Malmsteen’s solos and sometimes it’s the style developped by AUGUST with ARCTURUS on « La Masquerade Infernale » and it’s always with a great inspiration !

The only black point that we can say is the voice of LARS ERIC SI with no particularity and no genius. We’d rather prefered SIMEN HESTNAES insted.
Hellhammer is always equal to his own and use well his performance of an impressive symbals.

Briefly, it’s a great inspiration and a promising band. If you are a fan of the norwegian scene and the classical music, you have to get

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