Ten Years of Blasphemy

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Band Name Ereshkigal (MEX)
Album Name Ten Years of Blasphemy
Type Compilation
发布日期 2004
出版公司 Azermedoth Records
音乐风格Black Metal


1. Intro / Kur - Nu - Gi - A
2. The Gods Fate
3. Moonspell
4. Anciets Summoning
5. Darkness Decends
6. As Darkness Fall
7. Under the Black Forest
8. To My Queen
9. Lucifer (Mourning Star) / Outro
10. Intro / Overture to the last Down - Black Dawn (Forever Rising Moon)
11. A Mystic Scent
12. Icons of Impurity
13. In Evil Shades (to Cutha's 7 Gates)
14. Under the Black Forest
15. Overture - a Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers
16. Ishtar... Mother of Mankind
17. The Weird Dreams
18. The Journey... the Almighty
19. Mistress Ereshkigal... (Queen of Death)
20. The Black Torment of Ishtar
21. Angel Wings and Raven Clouds (Gehenna Cover)
22. Departure (Invocations)

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Ereshkigal (MEX)