Symphony of Enchanted Lands

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Band Name Rhapsody
Album Name Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Type Album
发布日期 20 十月 1998
音乐风格Symphonic power


Re-issue in 2000 by Limb Music Products
1. Epicus Furor 01:14
2. Emerald Sword 04:21
3. Wisdom of the Kings 04:28
4. Heroes of the Lost Valley 02:04
a/ Entering the Waterfalls' Realm
b/ The Dragon's Pride
5. Eternal Glory 07:29
6. Beyond the Gates of Infinity 07:23
7. Wings of Destiny 04:28
8. The Dark Tower of Abyss 06:44
9. Riding the Winds of Eternity 04:14
10. Symphony of Enchanted Lands 13:17
a/ Tharos Last Flight
b/ The Hymn of the Warrior
c/ Rex Tremende
d/ The Immortal Fire
Total playing time 55:42

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