Strangers in the Night

乐队列表 Hard Rock UFO Strangers in the Night
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Band Name UFO
Album Name Strangers in the Night
Type Live
发布日期 1978
制作人 Ron Nevison
音乐风格Hard Rock


Re-Issue in 2008 by EMI with a Different Tracklist.
Recorded live at Chicago, USA.
1. Natural Thing
2. Out in the Street
3. Only You Can Rock Me
4. Doctor Doctor
5. Mother Mary
6. This Kids
7. Love to Love
8. Lights Out
9. Rock Bottom
10. Too Hot to Handle
11. I'm a Loser
12. Let It Roll
13. Shoot Shoot
1. Hot'n'Ready
2. Cherry
3. Let It Roll
4. Love to Love
5. Natural Thing
6. Out in the Street
7. Only You Can Rock Me
8. Mother Mary
9. This Kid's
10. Doctor Doctor
11. I'm a Loser
12. Lights Out
13. Rock Bottom
14. Too Hot to Handle
15. Shoot Shoot

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评阅 @ Stench

06 十一月 2005
There is not only in death metal or in thrash where we can find classic songs, on the contrary !
If we had asked to the elders to cite the best Live songs ever, we would undoubtly have in answer “No sleep ‘til hammersmith” (Motorhead), “Unleashed in the east” (Judas), «Live after death» (maiden) and this «Strangers in the Night» de UFO. You must know that when this Live was released, UFO had already recorded 7 studio albums with plenty of classics. It is the most famous UFO's line-up that gives us all these burning tracks as we can find on vocals Phil Mogg, on guitar Michael Schenker, Pete Way on bass...
And we can say that every single song presented here are classics and most of them are still possesed by the band's Live performance. The most hard rock songs like «Let It Roll», «Light’s out», «Rock Bottom», «Too Hot to Handle» are all present to the detriment of slower songs we can find on the studio albums. These versions are just amazing, keyboard is still there to give this 70's color to the whole, the talent of each of the musicians has carved these hymns in the vynil forever. The highlight is obviously this fabulous «Doctor Doctor» and its intro which could make a deaf man cry !
A Live album which represents perfectly the passage between two generations, the transition between the hard rock of the 70's and the metal of the 80's. Notice that the reedition by Capitol of this jewel contains two bonus tracks included the wonderful «Hot n' ready»

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cotok - 22 十月 2018:

Quand donc un de nos "talentueux" chroniqueurs va ce décider a s'occuper de cet album, pour le fun?

MAIDEN26 - 22 十月 2018:

album mythique qui n'a pas pris une ride (enfin c'est juste mon avis) !!!