Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name 2 Minuta Dreka
Album Name Spermageddon
Type Split
发布日期 2006
音乐风格Porno Gore Grind


1. Nerves and Bones
2. Filthy Shitbathing in Lupose Evacuations
3. Festering Memories
4. Craving the Malforming
5. Ripped in Half (Mortician Cover)
6. Rancid Excrement of Purulent Rectum
7. Putrid Afterglow
8. Psychotic Cremation (Junge Rot cover)
9. Organ Maggots
10. Surf Anal Passage
11. Intro
12. Accident in the Nuclear Power-Station
13. Span Gurgling in Excrement
14. Blind to the Truth (Napalm Death Cover)
15. The Pus Pectoral Rigid Sector Drag You in Clots Blastomy Fnished
16. Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours
17. Thought the Inflammed Exudation
18. Compres of Pulmonary Parenchyma
19. Deformation and Calcification of Valve
20. Shortcut
21. The Shockwaves Fartbox Horror
22. Condom Legacy
23. She Died of Sperm Poisoning
24. Cock Funeral
25. The Syphilis Girl Day
26. Vomit in the Morgue
27. Penis Casket
28. Collateral Hate
29. Selfmade Third Hole
30. Deeper Than Your Throat
31. The Place Where the Little Girls Should'nt Play
32. I Wish I Was Hitler to Gurgle Some Eva Braun's Diarrhea
33. Your Wound Looks Like a Pussy
34. Rectal Speedball
35. Comatose and Raped
36. Dried Vaginal Tissue
37. Hello Guttermouth
38. Cum Drenched Faggot
39. Nice Old Lady Orally Defecating Piles of Wet Faeces
40. Genital Mousse
41. I've Got Your Girlfriends Rape Screams As Ringtone
42. Vaginal Pyorrhoea After Shave
43. Occipytal Smegma
44. Ass Busters
45. Fecal Autopsy
46. Footfetish Undertaker
47. Spermspitting Vagina
48. Champ of Dick Sucking
49. Pimping Your Suburbs, Pimping the World
50. Nasty Bookworm Bitch Chatsex
51. The Night of the Dying Fags
52. Murdered But Still Horny
53. Clitoris Trader
54. Peter North Is Going Psycho

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2 Minuta Dreka

Pulmonary Fibrosis