Rectal Mafia

Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name 2 Minuta Dreka
Album Name Rectal Mafia
Type Cassette
发布日期 2006
出版公司 Urethra Records
音乐风格Porno Gore Grind


1. Hello Bitchan
2. Post Mortem Twat
3. You Moana Wannabe
4. Death by Vaginal Farts
5. Its Going Anal
6. Entering by the Back Door
7. Auditioned and Raped
8. Colonel Viagra
9. Meet the Double Penetrators
10. Mary Got on Her Knees
11. Pussy Puss Eruption
12. Latina Cum Fiesta
13. No One Wants to Hook Up with You Fucking Bitch
14. My Baby Shot Me Down Gang Bang
15. Facefucked for the First Time
16. Being a Sperm Dump
17. Blinded by Cum
18. Cutting Shemales Dicks
19. The Don of Deuchebags
20. Mongoloid Crash Test
21. Big Fat Momma Begging for Semen
22. She Moans Like a Fucking Jerk

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2 Minuta Dreka