She Is the Night

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Band Name Echoes Of Silence
Album Name She Is the Night
Type Album
发布日期 2009
出版公司 Dead Moon Records
音乐风格Symphonic Black


1. She Is the Night
2. Suicidal Desires
3. Twisted Vines of Vengeance
4. Tears Shall Wash Away the Blood
5. Of Bloodstained Mirrors
6. Dead Emotions Rise Upon the Night
7. Bloodlust in D Minor (Bloodlust Pt. I)
8. A Serenade of Moonlit Tragedy
9. In Times of Lust and Necrophilia
10. The Five Points
11. When Love Turns to Murder (Bloodlust Pt. II)
12. Bloody Romantic Crescendo
13. The Deception of Beauty
14. Purity in Sin
15. Roads (Portishead Cover)

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Echoes Of Silence