Beyond the Crimson Gates

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Band Name Echoes Of Silence
Album Name Beyond the Crimson Gates
Type Album
发布日期 16 一月 2009
出版公司 Hypnotic Dirge Records
音乐风格Symphonic Black


1. Offerings by Fire
2. Let Death Overtake Me…
3. The Blinding Light
4. Mirrors of Isolation
5. The Unheard Cries of Desolation
6. Silent Words of Damnation
7. The Eternal Quest
8. Well of Tears
9. Her Eyes See All
10. Horror in the Unholy Twilight
11. Seperated in Afterlife
12. Dance of Sickness
13. A Forbidden Romance Between the Dead
14. Fortress of Unlight
15. Black Veil of Midnight Darkness
Bonustracks (Hidden Track)
16. Deviltry of the Heart

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Echoes Of Silence