Rain without End

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Band Name October Tide
Album Name Rain without End
Type Album
发布日期 1997
出版公司 Vic Records
录制地 Unisound Studio
音乐风格Death Doom


 12 Days of Rain
 All Painted Cold
 Losing Tomorrow
 Blue Gallery
 Infinite Submission

Total playing time: 39:12

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

18 六月 2013

Stunning and melodic

In one of Jonas Renske’s last performance as a growler, Rain without End is an excellent album of somber and melancholic Death/Doom. The title is apt fitting as this album portrays a rain swept and desolate landscape that is impossible not to get lost within.

Functioning on a similar wavelength to Katatonia during their Death/Doom days, Rain without End takes the melodic doom sound of the aforementioned band and converts it into something stronger riff wise. Like Katatonia this is very emotional and melancholic music with much emphasis placed on the melodies and atmosphere. It’s really hard not to include Katatonia in this review so you’ll see there name be tossed around a fair bit.

Rain without End is a very melodic album, right from the start we’re greeted to excellent doom riffs and Jonas Renske’s powerful vocals. It’s always stumped me how Katatonia’s Death/Doom sound has always been beaten by this band, even if Katatonia started this wave of melodic doom October Tide have always been one up in my eyes. The sound on Rain without End is simply more enjoyable to me than Dance of December Souls and Brave Murder Day, it’s more melodically powerful which is something I really like. High amounts of melody are something that just works wonders with this style of music and October Tide really deliver. Rain without End is an exceptional melodic doom album where the tortured vocals and somber delivery create a very bleak and desolate album that is undoubtedly Swedish.

It’s been well over a year since I last listened to Rain without End and whilst I’m sitting here writing this review I am reminded of how excellent an album it really is. It’s suffused with a melancholic longing that adds a lot to the atmosphere. The riffs work wonderfully, with Ephemeral having one of the best doom riffs I’ve ever listened to; it’s melodic and catchy whilst also carrying a heavy amount of melancholy.

This album is profoundly sound, adding a whole lot of enjoyment to the music. The emotion never feels faux, everything feels real, with the last track Infinite Submission being one of the saddest doom songs I’ve listened to, almost equaling Draconian and Mourning Beloveth in terms of emotive expression. Rain without End certainly is a very emotionally draining album and I love it all the more because of this. The music feels so earnest and emotional that it simply overwhelms me.

Rain without End is an all around excellent release, in my opinion it’s the best of the Swedish Death/Doom scene and an album I urge fans of melodic and atmospheric doom to get. It’s atmospherically and emotionally powerful, a prime representation of what the genre should be. If you were a fan of Katatonia’s Death/Doom release then Rain without End is a must have.

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