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Band Name Kataklysm
Album Name Prevail
Type Album
发布日期 23 五月 2008
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Death Metal


1. Prevail 03:54
2. Taking the World by Storm 03:59
3. The Chains of Power 03:19
4. As Death Lingers 03:29
5. Blood in Heaven 05:15
6. To the Throne of Sorrow 04:49
7. Breathe to Dominate 03:59
8. Tear Down the Kingdom 04:21
9. The Vultures Are Watching 05:57
10. The Last Effort (Renaissance II) 05:01
Total playing time 44:03
DVD (Digipack Edition)
Recorded live at Deeprock Drive, Las Vegas, 2007
1. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark) 04:27
2. As I Slither 02:57
3. In Shadows & Dust 04:10
4. Crippled and Broken 04:32
5. The Ambassador of Pain 02:33
6. Let Them Burn 03:19
7. Manipulator of Souls 03:41
8. The Resurrected 03:26
9. Face the Face of War 05:10
10. Where The Enemy Sleeps 05:20
11. The Road to Devastation 07:14
12. Taking the World by Storm (Videoclip) 03:59
11. Photo Gallery
Total playing time 50:48

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评阅 @ CLucker666

08 十二月 2011

I really enjoyed this!

Prevail is Kataklysm's ninth full-length album. I want to start off saying that this was an amazing album! I have been listening to this album repeatedly for the past two hours and I have not gotten bored at all!

One of the most noticeable features in this album is the guitar work. I think all the riffs are somewhat similar, but not in a bad way at all! They all sort of have a melodic sound to them. In my opinion it makes the album much more enjoyable. The drums fit in very well with the guitar work and have a pretty steady beat throughout the entire album.

One of my favorite things about Kataklysm is Maurizio's growls. His growls have a very unique sound to them, but it is perfect. His vocal range is amazing. You don't find to many death metal vocalists that have a high pitched scream as good as his! He doesn't do his high pitched screams too often but when he does it is amazing.

My favorite song off of this album is As Death Lingers. It is the catchiest song on the album by far. It has a chorus in a few different parts of the song and it is definitely one of my favorite death metal songs because of it. I would almost consider this a melodic death metal album after hearing it enough. Even the guitar solos are really melodic. For example, the song The Last Effort has a very melodic guitar solo along with the rhythm guitar in the background. I would say the intro to the album is pretty much a pure death metal song and it is definitely a great intro and gets you into the album quick.

Well I really enjoyed this album, so I'm going to have to give it a 18/20.

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emofreak33 - 08 十二月 2011: nice review man! (notice it got posted as a review instead of a comment!) My favorite Kataklysm album is Heaven's Venom haha
CLucker666 - 08 十二月 2011: thanks man(: reviews seem to be getting easier now
hack - 11 十二月 2011: If an acceptable text doesn't have enough musical description, then it gets posted as a comment. It also has to be long enough, to be considered as a review.
CLucker666 - 11 十二月 2011: ahh thanks hack I'll remember that