Opus Magnum

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Band Name Hollenthon
Album Name Opus Magnum
Type Album
发布日期 五月 2008
出版公司 Napalm Records (AUT)


1. On the Wings of a Dove 05:00
2. To Fabled Lands 05:53
3. Son of Perdition 04:52
4. Ars Moriendi 05:33
5. Once We Were Kings 04:50
6. ... of Splendid Worlds 06:03
7. Dying Embers 05:28
8. Misterium Babel 08:31
9. The Bazaar (The Tea Party Cover) 04:28
Total playing time 46:10

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评论 @ Nastasia

25 七月 2009
After aseven years long break Hollenthon finally released their highly expected third album with (as their first one) Latin title Opus Magnum (“a great work”), whichis quite fitting. Beginning with On the Wings of a Dove, which strikes on a listener with a startling power, whole album can engulf you and bring you right in middle of a battlefield. As usually, all songs are interlaced with chorals, symphonic tirades and passages, which Elena wrenched only for her. Nevertheless, the whole impression is different. It is hard to identify concrete composers as it was possible in their first albums, and the melodies are more random but still catchy. Hollenthon, as if refusing to continue in modern trend of Viking influences, used more eastern melodies which worked surprisingly well with Schirenc’s rough voice and storming sound of the band. What is also worth mentioning is a presence of parts sung with clear,epical vocals. All together the Austrians made up a piece of work where contrasts don’t appeal disturbingly but more to the contrary very harmoniously. After listening to the album you probably won’t be crooning any tune (if yes, it’s probably still repeating “Hu!” from Son of Perdition which can be hardly count as a tune) but it is a good choice if you want to listen to something not too aggressive but still not too flaccid.

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