No World Order!

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Band Name Gamma Ray
Album Name No World Order!
Type Album
发布日期 13 十一月 2001
出版公司 Metal-Is Records
音乐风格Melodic Power


1. Induction 00:59
2. Dethrone Tyranny 04:13
3. The Heart of the Unicorn 04:46
4. Heaven or Hell 04:16
5. New World Order 05:00
6. Damn the Machine 05:04
7. Solid 04:23
8. Fire Below 05:34
9. Follow Me 04:43
10. Eagle 06:05
11. Lake of Tears 06:48
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
12. Trouble 05:19
Total playing time 51:51

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评论 @ Aronax

18 十二月 2006
Gamma Ray is very popular heavy metal band and until Kai Hansen left Helloween there are making great albums, much better than Helloween. No World Order is masterpiece and I think this is HM album of 2001. Opening song is introduction and Dethrone Tyranny, typpical GR song with many great riffs and many melodies, but first melody on this song is very dark, song is very fast with Kai Hansen typpical screaming, The Heart Of The Unicorn is also great GR song, Heaven And Hell is very cool song with realy heavy riffs and fantastic chorus and guitar solos, New World Order is everithing you want from one song, maybe little bit rocky but little of old school rock can't harm. Damn The Machine is relly strange song, I mean it is defenitely GR but it sound maybe typical for this album, cool riffs with space chorus, Solid is extrenly fast and agressive song and I like it! Fire Below is another GR song, Follow Me is my favorite from this album, great keyboards and guitar riffs with very interesting Kai Hansen singing but riffs are maybe for the first time in the 2nd plan and synths take most of the song, great! Eagle is another very fast, song with great main riff and very melodic chorus only Kai can arrange, this song also have a video which is very funny, and the last but not least Lake Of Tears, beautifull ballad but not some heartbreaking ballad, this is new age ballad with great acoustic guitar intro and pretty touching keys, very nice song, I like the way Hansen handle singing this extraordinary song. This is master album and no one shouldn't pass by this metal classic. Hails to Kai Hansen, Hails To Gamma Ray!

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