No Heavy Petting

乐队列表 Hard Rock UFO No Heavy Petting
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Band Name UFO
Album Name No Heavy Petting
Type Album
发布日期 1976
制作人 Leo Lyons
音乐风格Hard Rock


Re-Issue in 2002 by Spitfire Records
Re-Issue in 2007 by EMI
1. Natural Thing
2. I'm a Loser
3. Can You Roll Her
4. Belladonna
5. Reasons Love
6. Highway Lady
7. On with the Action
8. A Fool in Love
9. Martian Landscape
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2007)
10. All or Nothing
11. French Kisses
12. Have You Seen Me Lately Joan
13. Do It If You Can
14. All the Strings