Nightmarish Illusions

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Band Name Ghoulchapel
Album Name Nightmarish Illusions
Type Album
发布日期 12 十一月 2013
出版公司 Self-Released


1. Intro / the Beginning 01:34
2. In the Hands of the Forest 04:50
3. One Strange Dream 04:09
4. Where the Fear Conquers All 03:53
5. Ghoul Chapel 06:34
6. The Funeral of a Horrid Man 03:48
7. Lost in the Walls 04:29
8. The End / Outro 00:57
Total playing time 31:14

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评阅 @ TheUndertaker666

22 十二月 2013

A new and promising name in the world of symphonic black metal.

Ghoulchapels first album was a surprise for me, as well as a band. I stumbled upon them accidentally, and I think it was a good accident for me, I've discovered a great and unique band. Acquainted with a band and their album "Nightmarish Illusions" I've decided to review this album, I was very impressed.
The first thing that struck me - their lyrical themes, a stories about ghosts and some mystic things, I've always been "into it". That atmosphere and horror presence in music, I love it.
Well, let's turn to the album. First track "Intro(The Beginning)" explicitly sets the listener on the atmosphere that will accompany the whole album, quiet and dark, with a fast piano in the end keeps you in suspense and
expectation...And then, 2nd track "In The Hands Of The Forest" starts and you feel a terror that is waiting for you...glorious and dark, but not very powerful, although, it has some charm, maybe. The song tells a story about some man, wandering in the dark forest, full of nightmare creatures and a "moving trees".
And especially wanna note the track called "Where The Fear Conquers All", this is my favourite track on the album, it reminds me of Dimmu's "In Sorte Diaboli" album, it's done in the same vein and very different from all the other songs. The album has a lack of power, but it's because of not very good production.
Orchestrations are good, reminds of Carach Angren a little bit, but needs some improvement. Drums are programmed, as I understand, but programmed very qualitatively, blast beats, double bass, fast toms, beautiful swotting, I can say. Guitars in the main not much technically improved, but sounds well. And in the track "Ghoul Chapel" guitars sound very good, very technical, I'd love to hear more stuff like that. Pretty diverse album, but too short, in my opinion.
Album was composed and recorded in 3 months by Mark Erskine- music, lyrics also by this man. Vocals- Ando Kamavosyan. Yes, I almost forgot, I would like to give remark on vocals, it needs more and more improvement, be unique, you can do it.
Also Mark Erskine doing a CD artworks for rock/metal bands and he's a owner of Gravedealer Studio.
That's a strong beginning for a such young band, this is a good debut album!
And now this band is one of my favourite symphonic black metal bands definitely! Very recommended for fans of Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir, Advent Sorrow and etc.

Andrew. 2013

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