Liberty or Death

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Band Name Grave Digger
Album Name Liberty or Death
Type Album
发布日期 12 一月 2007
出版公司 Locomotive Records
音乐风格Speed Heavy


1. Liberty or Death 06:33
2. Ocean of Blood 04:12
3. Highland Tears 06:15
4. The Terrible One 04:08
5. Until the Last King Died 05:46
6. March of the Innocent 05:56
7. Silent Revolution 06:24
8. Shadowland 06:26
9. Forecourt to Hell 05:02
10. Massada 05:58
11. Ship of Hope
Total playing time 56:40

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评论 @ Aronax

07 二月 2007
After Rheingold and The Last Supper albums I was feard that Grave Digger will never shine like before, I don't say that those album were bad but nothing to compare with old Grave Digger classics, when I saw Liberty or Death in CD shop I wasn't so sure I want to spent my money for new album like previous ones, but since I like Grave Digger for many years I bought album. I put CD in my deck and blow my brain, it is real awesome! After perfect Liberty or Death I think for myself 'if whole album sound like this song it is real dinamit' and every next song is great.
Ocean Of Blood is real Grave Digger ruby, fenomenal patriotic Highland Tears, in this song we can hear bagpippes again and this song is always on Grave Digger shows setlists, my favorite is fast The Terrible One... Song after song this album gives me sence of guilt I ever suspect in Chris, Jens, Manni, HP and Stefan. Almost all songs are 5 minutes or above and they are full of true metal, Manni is raging on his guitars with great riffs and furious solos, lyrics are great again, war, liberty, blood, independence, PRIDE! On this album I also heard that HP's keys are better than before, and there are many great melodies on keys. I think that this is one of the best Grave Digger albums and in few years kids will talk about his album like we are talking about Excalibur or Knights of the Cross. As time goes by Chris and Co are better and Stronger than Ever. Long live uncle Reaper!

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