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Band Name Hacavitz
Album Name Katun
Type Album
发布日期 26 六月 2007
出版公司 Moribund Records
音乐风格Brutal Death Black


1. Regnum Satani (In League with Satan We Ride) 05:18
2. Tinieblas - Tenochtitlan 07:35
3. Motlatito Yn Quetzalcoatl 02:57
4. Summoning Self-Destruction 04:00
5. Omitzhuicazquia Tezcatlipoca 03:53
6. From Sin to Honour 05:48
7. Ride Thee Nebulah 04:19
8. Ya Notsi de Huitzil 03:54
9. Rex Funebre 04:28
10. Serpents ov Smoke 05:47
11. Hunger of the Undead (Dark Angel Cover) 03:46
Total playing time 51:45

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08 十一月 2009
Mexico is rich with shamanic folklore and history, from some of the most brutal tribes known in the ancient world. This is reflected in this 2nd album from Hacavitz, a brutal death metal band from Mexico. A Katun is a measurement of time in the ancient Mayan calender.

The album art is supposed to depict the eruption of the largest Aztec pyramid, Aztlan, which is thought to be buried in downtown Mexico City(one of the largest cities in the world). They allege that this pyramid was prophecied to erupt in the year 2012, in the ancient scriptures of the Tenoch. It's hard for me to see this in the artwork, if you look near the moon, you can see an outline of a pyramid in the darkness. So maybe this mushroom shaped thing is supposed to illustrate a cross section view of an internal magma chamber. As if it were an active volcano.

Guitarist Eduardo Guevara and bassist Antonio Nelasco left the band. So this album is the work of founding members Oscar Garcia(who handles all percussions) and Antimo Buonnano(who plays all guitars, bass, and vocals).

As I relistened to both Katun and Venganza(their previous album), I realized that Katun is not better than Venganza. The speedy guitar and bass playing sound more explosive on Venganza. This is probably due to the departure Eduardo Guevara(guitarist) and Antonio Nelasco(bassist).

But on the other hand, Venganza is not a better album than Katun. Because the songs are creepier, with superior song writing. This is probably because the 2 founding members of the band remained and had a better concept of what Hacavitz was supposed to sound like. They're both great albums, but different.

The music(on Katun) is brutal and fast, Yet melodically raw. The vocals sound like raspy screaming. The stringed instruments usually thrash at a very fast tempo. The drum playing is also very fast and very skillful. Every moment of the album( 51 minutes) is very dark and almost always brutal. There are a couple of moments with a slower tempo that sound so macabre, that it sounds like background music for an Aztec human sacrifice.

The song Ya Notsi De Huitzil is about the summoning of the ancient god, Huitzilopoztli, and is sung in Nahuatl(a tongue from a native tribe). The video that I selected(the only one from this album with decent quality), Omitzhuicazquia Tezcatlipoca, was recorded in their hometown of Queretaro, Mexico. This is definetly not the best song on the album, but it is a professional, and official video.

The music can be compared to Horna, Azaghal, and Sarcofago. But I think that their style is very unique. This is a great album.

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