Inheritors of the Dead

乐队列表 Death Metal Baphomet (USA) Inheritors of the Dead
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Band Name Baphomet (USA)
Album Name Inheritors of the Dead
Type Album
发布日期 22 三月 1991
音乐风格Death Metal


Test Pressing - 50 copies made by PEACEVILLE, no cover.
Planned to be issued in 1991 on sublabel DEAF Records (DEAF04) but cancelled.
Reissued on red LP under the name 'INHERIT THE DEAD' by Mayking (year unknown) with new cover and numbered copies.
Reissued on CD under the name 'DEATH IN THE BEGINNING' by Sevared (Oct 10th 2012) with new cover of Jon Zig.
1. Animation of the Dead 04:42
2. Infection of Death 03:26
3. Torn Soul 03:09
4. Leave the Flesh 03:00
5. Unholy 05:17
6. Vile Reminiscences 03:08
7. Broken Krypt 03:38
8. Spectral Maniac 04:33
9. Boiled in Blood 04:39
10. Unexpected Internment 05:18
Total playing time 40:50

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Baphomet (USA)