Imperfect Harmonies

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Band Name Serj Tankian
Album Name Imperfect Harmonies
Type Album
发布日期 07 九月 2010
制作人 Tankian Serj
音乐风格Experimental Metal


1. Disowned Inc. 04:07
2. Borders Are... 04:38
3. Deserving? 04:05
4. Beatus 04:41
5. Reconstructive Demonstrations 05:04
6. Electron 03:46
7. Gate 21 02:43
8. Yes, It’s Genocide 03:15
9. Peace Be Revenged 03:59
10. Left of Center 03:06
11. Wings of Summer 04:45
Total playing time 44:09

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评论 @ nicmas

21 十一月 2010
When I heard that this album was coming out I was so excited, and i was miserably disappointed. Serj went to a whole different genre, and personally i am amazed how he is still on He went from Nu Metal to Symphonic Music, not even Symphonic Metal. Only three or four songs in this album use guitars, and only for small periods in the songs.

When i heard it I thought it was a Mozart album. I am very disappointed with this album and I thought, was this the same Serj Tankian as he was in System of a Down? Because it is hard to beleive that this is the same man in Toxicity and the rest of SOAD's awesome songs. He was the man who put SOAD on the charts and then he comes up with this.

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Kingmatt - 06 一月 2011: i do agree not the best
Mercenarion - 27 七月 2011: Oh wow. Your "review" makes it seem like you hate the album for the reason of it being not metal.

评论 @ Aurapigonstilts

27 七月 2011

What was he thinking?!

System of a Down; one of the biggest impacts in metal. Serj Tankian; the guy to continue his quest to re-live the former glory of the great legendary band.


Serj had a good start to his new career. He had some very good songs with great in-depth lyrical meaning. But this album completely devoured his reputation, vomitted it up, took a crap on it and sold it to us as music. This is not metal in the slightest. There isn't even a hint of influence in any of this album. I found only one song on this album to be anything close to enjoyable; Borders Are... and even that isn't metallic.

If you enjoyed Serj's past, you will not enjoy this. He is moving on to a new audience, leaving us all wondering 'Why?'

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Mercenarion - 27 七月 2011:
Just like the comment above, it seems you hate the album just because it isn't metal.
Aurapigonstilts - 07 八月 2011: Well, I do hate it because it isn't metal because he is a metal legend and let himself down, and this website is called 'SPIRIT OF METAL'. But also, many of the songs on the album are harder to listen to than his other songs. It's a boring album, and I just don't like it.