Hyper Bastard Breed

乐队列表 Death Metal INRI (NL) Hyper Bastard Breed
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Band Name INRI (NL)
Album Name Hyper Bastard Breed
Type Album
发布日期 2002
出版公司 Cold Blood Industries
音乐风格Death Metal


Re-Issue in 2003 by CD-Maximum.
1. More Ruthless Than the Devil
2. The Depth Society
3. Shoot, Hammer and Krush
4. Terrorfreak
5. Masturbate
6. Hyper Bastard Breed
7. Candidate for the Fuck of God
8. The Resonance of Triumph
9. Annihilation
10. The Glorythrone
11. Spawn of Abraham
12. The World's End, Wipe Out !!
13. You're Mighty Privilege
14. Hell Is Rising
15. The All Consuming Darkness

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