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Band Name A Day To Remember
Album Name Homesick
Type Album
发布日期 02 二月 2009
出版公司 Victory Records
音乐风格Post Hardcore


1. The Downfall of Us All 3:29
2. My Life for Hire 3:33
3. I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of ? (ft. Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada) 3:00
4. NJ Legion Iced Tea 3:31
5. Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End 4:15
6. Have Faith In Me 3:08
7. Welcome to the Family (ft. Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain) 2:59
8. Homesick 3:56
9. Holdin' It Down for the Underground 3:23
10. You Already Know What You Are 1:27
11. Another Song About the Weekend 3:45
12. If it Means a Lot to You (ft. Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge) 4:03
Bonustracks (Special Edition)
13. Homesick (Acoustic)
14. Another Song About the Weekend (Acoustic)
Includes live footage at the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland on June 13, 2009, footage from the Warped Tour 2009, music videos, and the making of the album.

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评论 @ McLovinSkittlez

01 七月 2012 fucking feel it.

Alright so to open this up, I was flabbergasted after listening to this album in its entirety. The uniqueness in every single song, the musicianship, there are many parts in this album that makes it the heaviest album, or maybe the heaviest band, to exist in the Post-Hardcore scene. It's intense, very fast, clean, and totally epic. And "epic" is a word in my vocabulary that I rarely use.

Drums aren't exactly astonishing, but still very well done. Alex is a very skilled drummer and can really maintain a pace that many other drummers just don't have the ability of doing. He initiates those truly incredible breakdowns better than most, and is simply great.

Guitars.....well there aren't a whole lot of bands that can have two guitarists and pull it off to near perfection. A Day to Remember just happens to be in that slim group. Whether you look at rhythm, riffs, breakdowns, solos, both guitarists are amazing at what they do, and it does take a lot of skill to keep a song's pace the way these guys do. Big round of applause.

Bass.. I've never really been a huge bass guy, mainly because it's definitely the hardest to hear, but you can feel the bassist in this album. When you crank your speakers up while listening to it, you fucking feel it.

I'm not going to point out my favorite songs, mainly because I would pretty much be saying every single song. Every breakdown gives me chills, every song for that matter. The timing in this album is impeccable. This album defines truly what Post-Hardcore should be, or sound like. Genre-inspiring. 18/20

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