Hell Chose Me

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Band Name Carnifex (USA)
Album Name Hell Chose Me
Type Album
发布日期 16 二月 2010
出版公司 Victory Records
制作人 Zack Ohren


1. Hell Chose Me 03:32
2. Dead Archetype 02:31
3. Entombed Monarch 03:44
4. Names Mean Nothing 02:58
5. Heartless 04:13
6. Sorrowspell 03:37
7. The Scope of Obsession 02:55
8. By Darkness Enslaved 03:39
9. The Liar's Funeral 03:03
10. Genocide Initiative 04:21
Bonustrack (Itunes)
11. Angel of Death (Slayer Cover) 04:46
Total playing time 39:19

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评阅 @ JakeDaSnake

18 十二月 2010

Third album by California deathcore group is the most professional release yet

As far as deathcore goes, I think that some, and probably many people listen to it to get their fix of brutal breakdowns, fast and solid verses, and occasional technically or melodically challenging material. I mean, this isn’t a BAD thing of course, as some of my favorite bands are deathcore bands, like Despised Icon, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, and of course, Carnifex. Carnifex has definitely progressed along their career. Their first album, “Dead in My Arms”, was actually really mediocre and the instrumentation wasn’t very tight at all, although the album definitely boasted some great breakdowns and such. However with their second album, “The Diseased and the Poisoned”, they improved drastically and their music was much tighter than in their first album. Then, in 2010, they came out with a third release called “Hell Chose Me”.

This album definitely starts out with a bang, going straight into the speed without an intro or anything, and shows that this release is essentially similar to their second album, but with noticeably different equality. From then on, it never stops. Showing signature Carnifex riffs, like breakdowns with bended harmonics on the offbeat, and a lot of tremolo picking in some of the verses, this album, I’d have to admit, is definitely Carnifex’s most professional release yet. The tempo stays on time noticeably well and you can tell it’s a very professional studio record because of the quality. As for the music, well, it’s great, if not a tad on the repetitive side throughout the album. Although there are of course a lot of changes in tempo throughout, the songs sound essentially the same. A few stray a little from the traditional Carnifex sound, such as the song titled, “Heartless” which is a great thing as unique elements in an album will only help artist progression in their career.

In conclusion though, I would have to say that although the album is slightly repetitive as a whole and isn’t extremely creative, it still is a great release by Carnifex and a sign of great improvement in musicianship. I'd personally give it a solid 15/20.

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