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Band Name The Crimson Armada
Album Name Guardians
Type Album
发布日期 07 七月 2009
出版公司 Metal Blade Records
制作人 Joey Sturgis


 A Filthy Addiction
 The Sound, the Flood, the Hour
 In the Eyes of God
 The Serpent's Tongue
 Revelations (ft. Mattie Montgomery of For Today)
 The Final Words (ft. Joey Sturgis)
 The Architect

Total playing time: 41:36

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评阅 @ McLovinSkittlez

02 九月 2012

One of the heaviest in Metalcore!

At first when I heard this album I wasn't too impressed with it, mostly the vocals, but they damn sure grew on me! They are very unique, and very powerful. I just hope Saud doesn't ruin his voice with his style of screaming, but nonetheless, it is very unique and I love it now! Anyway, let's review Guardians by The Crimson Armada.

So first and foremost, this is one of the heaviest albums in Metalcore. It's the closest thing to deathcore a metalcore band can do, this and everything Miss May I has released. The tempo throughout the entire album is fast and brutal, and overall, phenomenal! Like I previously mentioned, I didn't care for Saud and Dan's combo of vocals at first, but it grew on me very quick! Their lyrics are very religiously based (I'm not sure if they've openly claimed to be a Christian group), but the duo's style of vocals sound kind of contradicting to the lyrics (not sure if that makes much sense). Both sound amazing, powerful, emotional, and captivating. I'm pretty sure Dan does the growling/yelling, and Saud does the screaming (please correct me if I'm wrong). To sum all of that up, I love it now.

I am, in fact, listening to the album as I write this, because I think that makes it a little more accurate, but that's just my opinion. The drumming throughout the album is exceptional. Very fast double kicks, well, very fast in general, but it's not just fast. The drumming in Guardians is very captivating as well as the vocals. Like any other band, the drummer is pretty much the guy that makes the entire band stay together. A lot of that credit goes to the guitarists as well, because of the speedy drumming. Listen to track number six: "Revelations". The song just explodes into an extremely fast pace. That kind of speed is not normally achieved successfully in a metalcore band, and The Crimson Armada gives Miss May I a very close run for their money, speaking in terms of being titans of metalcore, my opinion exclusively. There are a lot of technical parts throughout Guardians, which makes it stand out even more, because you just don't normally hear that in a metalcore album.

I think this entire album is a masterpiece, but the one song that stood out most to me is The Architect. The intro gives the rest of the song a boost in intensity by like 10 times. It opens into a very nice breakdown and song great symphony. I was not aware that Saud played the keyboard as well as did vocals, so that is pretty sick! The Architect is a very technical and melodic masterpiece that really gets you moving. I suggest The Architect to anyone that hasn't heard of The Crimson Armada because it is my favorite song they've written. It is a 5 star song that I always listen to first thing in the morning. It wakes me up! Every other song on Guardians is a very close runner-up, but The Architect is the pinnacle in my opinion. I will gladly give Guardians a perfect 20/20!

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Crinn - 02 九月 2012: No where near one of the heaviest, but good...i prefer their second.album :P
McLovinSkittlez - 02 九月 2012: I did enjoy Conviction, but I think they changed their sound too drastically, too quick.

评论 @ desolate23

12 五月 2013

Welcome to a new age of metalcore

The Crimson Armada executes everything perfectly. Down to the riffs, vocals and rhythm. It's really hard to find something negative about this album. Even the 30 second outro is amazing and that's really hard to say.

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