Effigies and Epitaphs

乐队列表 Ambiant Black Petrychor Effigies and Epitaphs
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Band Name Petrychor
Album Name Effigies and Epitaphs
Type Album
发布日期 17 五月 2011
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Ambiant Black


1. I Lift My Voice 02:27
2. In Remembrance 10:43
3. Of Grandest Majesties 13:17
4. Subjugated and Abused 09:19
5. Seared, Sundered 03:01
6. Beneath Highway and Street 14:19
Total playing time 53:06

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

16 六月 2013

Incredible, one of the best USBM releases of all time

It really irks me when people criticise Black Metal as stagnating and call it a “dying music.” What the hell, Black Metal to me is one of the most rapidly expanding and morphing genres in metal, there's so much that can be done to the genre and there's no shortage of bands that are pushing the genres limitations. Whoever said it's stagnating has obviously only been listening to the second wave bands because if they opened their ears they'll be greeted to a wide and vast musical expanse that the genre is traversing. Black Metal is constantly changing, there's bands from all over the globe who are mixing previously unheard of elements into the sound.

Hailing from America is Petrychor, a band putting a unique spin on the Atmospheric Black Metal template, and that's by the addition of flamenco guitars. The flamenco guitars are excellently well performed and add a lot of depth and unique flair to Effigies and Epitaphs. Without the addition of these flamenco guitars then it would be your standard raw Black Metal release. The incredible acoustics add so much to this album that without them it would be nowhere near as endearing.

Petrychor is a band who know how to create a powerful atmosphere, the atmosphere of Effigies and Epitaphs is astounding, it's a bit lighter than the usual necro and grim feel that most bands portray whilst still keeping the whole nocturnal woodland feel to it. The music, despite being incredibly raw and abrasive just isn't dark, it doesn't ooze darkness, it has a fairly light and airy feel to it that sets them apart from most other bands. This type of music is more reflective than anything else, something to get lost within, something that you can put on and be transported to Petrychor's woodland realm. I really like music that makes me feel, it's just got so much more depth to it and Effigies and Epitaphs hits the mark perfectly.

Easily the most impressive thing about Effigies and Epitaphs is that there is no shortage of stand outs, every song is a highlight whether that's from the Black Metal assault of Seared and Sundered, the melodic leanings of Beneath Highway and Street or the atmospheric and emotional Of Grandest Majesties, this album remains fantastic throughout and is a real joy to listen to. I knock one point off for the fact that at times the production gets too raw but apart from that, an almost flawless release. Petrychor is a band I am proud to see waving the Black Metal flag high.

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