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Band Name Petrychor
Album Name Dryad
Type MCD
发布日期 2010
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Ambiant Black


1. Dryad (I Make My Home)
2. Gamma Leonis
3. ...Of Salt and Sky

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

18 六月 2013

The best E.P of all time?!

Dryad in my opinion is the best E.P of all time; it contains some of the most beautiful Black Metal if not the most beautiful I’ve ever listened to. With the first track being my personal favorite metal song. There are many reason for why this album is so incredible and I shall cover them in great detail within the review.

1) The atmosphere. Petrychor has created a phenomenal and beautiful atmosphere on Dryad through the use of subtle ambience and acoustics, light and airy Black Metal and ghastly vocals. The overall feel of Dryad is certainly unique, taking a far more uplifting and beautiful approach to the usual grim woodland aesthetic. Whereas most Atmospheric Black Metal could be described under the world lunar, Dryad would be better fitting under the word solar. There’s nothing exactly dark or evil about Dryad, the atmosphere is really light even with the raw production. It’s very beautiful and helps to make it so entertaining.

2) The instrumentation. Petrychor takes a slightly more complex and intricate approach to the standard Black Metal style, there’s some intricate acoustic work and complex solos within Dryad. Unlike most Atmospheric Black Metal this isn’t an exercise in minimalism and repetition, Dryad feels more progressive and complex, the melodies are unique and intricate and all of this adds together to create one of the most beautiful musical experiences I’ve listened to. The synth work is also excellent, with the first track containing a beautiful almost Shoegazing section where the synth floats beautifully over the endless waves of guitar. It really adds so much to the atmosphere and to the music as a whole that it’s impossible for me not to fall in love with it.

3) The production. Being incredibly raw and abrasive, the production adds a dense and hazy layer of mist over the music that helps emphasize the atmosphere. Despite the rawness each instrument can be heard perfectly, even the bass is mostly audible which is strange for an album that is this raw. The production is perfect for Dryad and I wouldn’t change it.

In all actuality I could spend ages saying why I love Dryad so much and why I think it’s one of the best Black Metal albums ever released. But really instead of me telling you how good it is, the best way is to simply listen to it and to be presented with some of the most beautiful atmospheres to grace your ears.

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