Desolation of Eden

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Band Name Chelsea Grin
Album Name Desolation of Eden
Type Album
发布日期 16 二月 2010
录制地 Lambesis Studios


 Desolation of Eden
 False Sense of Sanity
 Sonnet of the Wretched
 Cheyne Stokes
 The Human Condition
 Cast from Perfection

Total playing time: 35:14

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评论 @ CLucker666

22 十一月 2011

Just as good live

Chelsea Grin use to be a no name band with 1 EP out and it was pretty good in my opinion. When Desolation of Eden was released, I was amazed by how much Chelsea Grin had improved with this album. I saw them live about 4 months ago and I was highly impressed. Alex sounds just like he does in this album live.

This album starts off with Judgement. It is a slow heavy intro with a constant chugging breakdown. A very good start to the album. This album goes from slow heavy breakdowns like Revenant to melodic songs like Elysium. Elysium has no vocals in it but it's a great song which really helps keep interest in the album. The song right after it, Recreant, is probably my favorite on the album. It has an extremely catchy chorus and very good breakdowns in it. It starts off slow with just a guitar riff and then goes into a combination of a high and low scream saying Unfaithful backstabbing coward. So as you can tell from there, the song is talking about a girl who cheated on him. It has a music video and I would go check that out because it is a pretty intense video. My other favorite song on the album is Cheyne-Stokes. It was on their first demo and they improved it A LOT. The breakdown at the end is now used with exhale vocals and they changed the style of it a little bit. It's one of the fast songs on the album.

The guitars in this album are pretty fast except for the breakdowns, they are mostly slow and heavy like most breakdowns are. Unlike other "core" bands, most of Chelsea Grin's breakdowns fit them a lot and are rememerable. You don't listen to it and forget it the next song. It is one of the reason most people listen to this band. The drums pretty much just go along with the riffs and breakdowns but he is a talented drummer.

Chelsea Grin recently released their new album, My Damnation and it sounds a lot different then this album. But none the less this is still an amazing Deathcore album. Go check it out if your looking for good Deathcore. I rate this album an 18/20.

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评论 @ Chelseafuckinggrin

31 十二月 2014

How this album changed Deathcore forever

I want to start off by saying this is the Deathcore album that changed everything! This album starts out in an original way a chugging breakdown style intro called Judgement something not many bands start albums with. This song then leads into Desolation of Eden a classic Deathcore style song that incorporates blasts chugging guitars and plenty of double bass along with screamed and growled vocals all inhales. Alex Koehler did an amazing job with the vocals on this album. The next song on the album False Sense Of Sanity incorporates many Deathcore elements but also incorporates a few original elements you don't see in this style of music . It features a slow but heavy breakdown like many Chelsea Grin songs. Sonnet Of The Wretched is my personal favorite off DOE. It starts off with a simple guitar riff followed by heavy chugs. This song contains more highs than lows. The next song on the album is another personal favorite of mine Cheyne Stokes. A vicious brutal gory track about punishing rapists and making sure they don't see the light of day. It features lines such as "ILL MAKE YOUR INSIDES ON THE FUCKING OUTSIDE". This song is very original in many different ways. The final line is "God Can't Show You Where To Hide" followed by the ending breakdown. Next we have The Human Condition which by the first few lines we can assume is about thinking for your self and don't let anyone tell you how to live. This song is slower than other Chelsea Grin songs. It has a faster paced breakdown and doesn't use blast beats at all. The next song is Elysium which is just an instrumental but a damn good one it keeps a moderate tempo with a heavy but slow breakdown. A sweet guitar solo and just overall heaviness. Recreant is the most emotional out of them all. The story is about being betrayed by someone close and this song is the response to that person who betrayed you. It opens with the words "Unfaithful,Backstabbing,Coward"
Then leading into a fast paced verse. The ending is probably the best breakdown in the history of music. Vocalist Alex Koehler growls the words "YOU ARE DEAD TO ME" leading into the greatest most heaviest breakdown ever. Cast From Perfection is another very emotional song talking about hurting someone to the point where they committed suicide and how people should keep to their fucking selves if they are going to hurt someone to that point. Revenant is a song about being the voice inside your head and maybe possibly being some spiritual entity that has the persons soul and they are going to die. This song is very heavy in my opinion but not as heavy as the other songs on the album. And finally Wasteland another instrumental track but a very heavy track also a simple but heavy guitar riff behind double bass pedals cymbals chinas and snares. This is my review on the Album That Changed Deathcore Forever (Desolation of Eden)

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