Cruelty and the Beast

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Band Name Cradle Of Filth
Album Name Cruelty and the Beast
Type Album
发布日期 05 五月 1998
出版公司 Music For Nations
音乐风格Gothic Black


Re-Issue in 1998 and 1999 by Music for Nations in alternative versions (Tombstone & Celtic Cross) with a different tracklist and different covers.
Re-Issue in 2001 with in a limited edition (new cover & a second disc with special tracks of alternative editions).
1. Once Upon Atrocity 01:43
2. Thirteen Autumns and a Widow 07:14
3. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids 07:18
4. Beneath the Howling Stars 07:42
5. Venus in Fear 02:20
6. Desire in Violent Overture 04:16
7. The Twisted Nails of Faith 06:50
8. Bathory Aria: 11:02
a/ Benighted Like Usher
b/ A Murder of Ravens in Fugue
c/ Eyes That Witnessed Madness
9. Portrait of the Dead Countess 02:52
10. Lustmord and Wargasm (the Lick of Carnivorous Winds) 07:30
Total playing time 58:47
TRACKLIST editions "Tombstone" (1998) and "Celtic Cross" (1999) and bonustracks on second disc of limited edition (2001)
1. Lustmord and Wargasm 2 (the Relicking of Cadaverous Wounds) 07:58
2. Black Metal (Venom Cover) 03:27
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Shallow Be My Grave) (Iron Maiden Cover) 07:10
4. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom Cover) 04:47
5. Twisting Further Nails (The Crucifixion Mix) 05:31

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评论 @ queenofwinter

16 一月 2009
Cradle of Filth released “Cruelty and the Beast” in 1998, following their explosive album “Dusk in Her Embrace”

To begin with, the album has great artwork on the cover as well as inside. COF have displayed the countess Elisabeth Bathory in a bathtub of blood of the cover, with artwork and lyrics inside the booklet. There is a limited edition of the album that features “Cruelty and the Beast” on one disk and covers of Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed be thy Name” and Venom’s “Black Metal (among others)”

The title track “Cruelty brought thee Orchids” has some of the most finely written lyrics on the album (written by Stuart). One of my favorite songs, “Bathory Aria”, is a midtempo doom song with an awesome piano introduction. “Beneath the Howling Stars” has some of the greatest bass lines on the whole album. In this album, Dani restrains vocally more than on “Dusk and Her Embrace,” but still blows you away.

This is a great concept album. Through Dani Filth’s enchanting vocals and the bands awesome music, Cradle Of Filth told the story of the famous Countess Elisabeth Bathory. Let me break down the history of the blood countess. The story of Elisabeth Bathory might sound fictional when you first hear it, but in fact, it is very true (how could anyone make up something like it ?). The Countess’ story began when she (the countess) slapped one of her servant maidens one day. She must have slapped her pretty hard because some of the maidens’ blood got on the Countess' face. After wiping the blood from her face, the countess thought that she looked younger. From there, the Countess’ obsession to look young and youthful turned into a bloody massacre. From the time the first drop of blood landed on the countess’ face until her conviction and death under “castle arrest,” she had killed hundreds of young girls. Cradle of Filth did a rocking job on this album, which is one of a kind.

Jennifer- *Devil to the Metal*

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DarkAbbadon - 13 二月 2018:

Cradle of Filth truly is an amazing band- a marvelous album written by a marvelous band. The first time I heard this album, I was absolutely astonished to hear the melodic riffs, the brutal and evil screams, and every little thing in between. From the shock at the very first track, all the way to the very end, I found myself enraptured in a story foretold by Dani himself, as if he was the storyteller. Shockingly enough, Dani's lyricism led me to love Cradle from the start, and surely, this is an album worth cherishing. Of course, Cradle won't sound like this now, but I reassure you, Cradle is definitely a band not to be trifled with.