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Band Name Mass Hysteria
Album Name Contraddiction
Type Album
发布日期 1999
出版公司 Sony Music
制作人 Colin Richardson


1. Contraddiction 04:09
2. Zion 04:30
3. Aimable à Souhait 04:15
4. Attracteurs Étranges 03:52
5. Finistère Amer 04:08
6. P4 02:24
7. Sur la Brèche 4:06
8. Furia 03:45
9. Le Dernier Tango 03:58
10. Osmos '99 03:12
11. Le Plus Juste Effet 04:23
12. Corazones Olvidados (Saetas Dulces) 05:19
Total playing time 48:00

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评论 @ xchosenxonex

09 十二月 2013

An eclectic blend of worldly beats while still delivering powerful riffs and solos from a metal albu

As the album title suggest Mass Hysteria's Contraddiction is filled with an eclectic blend of worldly beats and rhythms while at the same time deLivering hard driven and powerful riffs and solos that you would expect from a metal album. Songs such as Osmos '99, Attracteurs Etrangers and Contraddiction showcase the drum and guitar driven style that is unique to Mass Hysteria in the band's subsequent albums. The first time I heard Osmos I was entranced with the imposing sound of the the guitars but also noted the subtle backing sounds of the bass and percussion; a testament to the band's knack for innovation and blending together different sounds. In songs such as Zion, Le Dernier Tango and Corazones Olvidados, you can hear the incorporation of various instruments not typically associated with metal. Corazones Olvidados is especially noteworthy as it is sung in various languages and uses oriental instruments almost reminiscent of a Led Zeppelin session. Whether you prefer classic or a more hardcore style of metal, this album does it all.

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