Collection 1986-92

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Band Name Domain (GER)
Album Name Collection 1986-92
Type Compilation
发布日期 1992
出版公司 Semaphore
音乐风格Symphonic Heavy


1. Lost in the City (Album Version)
2. We Got Love
3. Sign from Your Heart
4. Back from Hell
5. Caught in the Flame
6. Beg, Steal or Borrow
7. I Don't Wanna Die
8. Edge of the Knife
9. Hard Road to Midnight
10. Ode for the Children
11. East of Eden
12. Ain't It a Sin
13. Out of the Dark
14. I Don't Wanna Die (Maxi Version)
15. Lost in the City (Maxi Version)

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Domain (GER)