Catch Thirtythree

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Band Name Meshuggah
Album Name Catch Thirtythree
Type Album
发布日期 16 五月 2005
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Experimental Metal


1. Autonomy Lost 01:40
2. Imprint of the Un-Saved 01:35
3. Disenchantment 01:43
4. The Paradoxical Spiral 03:11
5. Re-Inanimate 01:04
6. Entrapment 02:28
7. Mind's Mirrors 04:29
8. In Death - Is Life 02:01
9. In Death - Is Death 13:22
10. Shed 03:34
11. Personae Non Gratae 01:47
12. Dehumanization 02:55
13. Sum 07:17
Total playing time 47:06

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评论 @ lilja

10 二月 2008
Chaos; structured mathematical… Rituals of hypnotism and submission… One of the most extreme metal bands , Swedish Meshuggah return and surprise their fans for one more time…!
Catch 33 is an experimental album, a piece separated in 13 parts and the certain thing is that it will cut world of metal in two. Amazing rhythms in where you can’t locate either begging or end. Amazing bass and guitars that rule over in sound, more than ever in Meshuggah’s past…
Meshuggah themselves declare that, in the album, they’ve programmed the drums(something that can’t be perceptible)and that they’ve supported all of it, in experimental and 8cords guitars. They aren’t sure whether they gonna play this album live, except, if they to do a medley of all songs. Is one of the most interesting albums after Chaosphere.They prove again how forward they are, from bands that think they experiment in extreme metal.

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