Walhalla (FIN) : New album

Суббота 06 Май 2023 - 16:43:38 by opeth59

Finnish black/thrashers from Walhalla released their second album on April 28 on Great Dane Records. This one is called "Release the Beast"

Tracklist :

1. Through the Shores of Acheron

2. Ensemble to the Feast

3. The Bride of the Profane

4. Peace, Love and Understanding

5. Cabin in the Woods

6. Demons over Nordland

7. Sinner

8. Walhalla Rising

9. Morningstar Above

10. Punishment of the Crippled World

11. Goat for Kirill

Source : https://greatdanerecords.bandcamp.com/album/release-the-beast


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