Ozzy Osbourne : Fans will decide the name of the new album

Пятница 05 Февраль 2010 - 00:20:05 by Raina

After fans have pleaded Ozzy not to name his next material 'Soul Sucka', now the artist is asking their help in order to choose a new name.

The artist declared that he will post on the offficial band website a list of names out of which they will Decide the most suitable one.
As for the musical direction of the new album, Ozzy stated that it will be something heavy, in between Black Sabbath and Ozzy and that it reminds him of good times.

Official website: http://www.ozzy.com/


DALDO - 06 Февраль 2010 à 01:55:55
How about, "For  every Sucka not expecting any Soul"?
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