Billy Sheehan, Ivan Mihaljevic...

Понедельник 03 Ноябрь 2008 - 23:46:15 by Faith

We are proud to announce Billy Sheehan and Ivan Mihaljevic will be joining the growing list of artists on John Denner's debut CD – Is this thing on?
(Release date January 1st 2009)
Billy Sheehan has changed the way bass guitar is played!
And the young, recently discovered, incredible Croatian guitar player Ivan Mihaljevic will be on tour, throughout Europe, with the band Hard Time 'til November 8th. Then he will travel to USA to join John Denner who is recognized internationally as the unconventional guitarist whose Eddie Van Halen-style playing is both “amazing” and “inspiring".
Other special featured artists are: Brett Garsed, Danny Gill,
Johnny Hiland, Owen Edwards, Phil Hilborne, Jamie Humphries...


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