Avantasia : New Albums from this fantastic story....

Пятница 19 Октябрь 2007 - 03:05:20 by Ronaldark

For all the fans of this band...
The Second sage of this fantastic metal opera was anounced by Tobias Sammet in his official webpage. The second sage is compossed by two Ep's (again, like in the metal opera), their names are "Lost in Space part 1" and "Lost in space part II". 'On November 16th the two "Lost In Space"
EPs of Tobias Sammet's Avantasia will be released, each for the price
of a CD-single!!! According to Tobias "Lost In Space 1 and 2" feature
exclusive first class material that could have been on any Avantasia
album as well'; the information from Tobias Sammet official website.


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